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The way we have to learn the transcript we have to be a good education. We have to undergo certainly some important rules for us to maintain healthy educational research.

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I want to start off by saying that I know I have an accent in. Please don't assume it's Russian. More and more people are complaining about the go trance protests about our roles above the law acceptance rates. And to be honest, I've pre much head it with all this whining. First of all the test have we've had so far. We're easy. All you had to do is listen carefully. Radar guidelines and do some research. These things are in the job description. Our clients don't always have good quality files. Some may have background noise. Some might be in a difficult accent, some my contained terms if never heard of. But we have to provide 98 99% accuracy for all of our clients. We've tried to make sure that our communication with employees and employers is a good one. Were available on Facebook, Skype life support, email, phone. We answer all kinds of questions regardless of how redundant they are or in some cases, even rude. We have at least four ways of explaining how everything works. We tweak to the way we communicate information over and over again in the hope that it be clear for everyone and yet it's not. We're not one of those called hearted cos that doesn't give a **** about its employees. We work with people on a personal level, which is why it's so frustrating for us to see duplicated tests or account selling happening on GT. These things are so disrespectful, accountable, begins. Say, you know what? It's wrong on so many levels. I am not over dramatic. And I'm not overreacting. These things happen and we can't allow this kinds of behaviours within our company. You know what? Let me tell you, a little storey Only three years ago, this company got like, three or four orders per week. Small ones. We were a handful of transcribers and with, you know, have editors And look where we are now for someone who comes to us for the first time, they think like this site always looked like this. This always had this many orders. They always had these rules, this system in place, all of our services. And nobody had to really work hard, get where they are now. Well, that ******** we worked our ***** off. Always see here today has been done by a programmer and two jacks of all traits. We work day in and day out. Within a half time of four months, we added something new every day with it. Research we advertised. We risked all of our savings for the company and it paid out. Now we got from 20 or less transcribers to 2000. We have over 500 editors we hire all the time. We don't turn anyone down when they're asking for a chance, but what they do with that chance is up to them.