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The demo was for blind students. I did the voice over that that they could follow up in the class. The questions were given to them verbally and their answers recorded.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) , Nigerian


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the early church. History cause description Early church history is a cause that gives an account of how God walked among his people in the early church, men and women he used what they stood for, what they suffered and how they spread the gospel from the first of the third century cost objectives. When you have studied this course, you were expected to one understand the prophecy and the work of God in the Old Testament for the bed of the church to know how the church was born and how the gospel spread from Jerusalem into a different part of the Roman Empire. Three. Know how They follow us of Christ suffered and died for their faith. Four. Know how certain through the heretics sought to destroy the truth of the gospel five. Understand the gospel triumphs over certain and all plans to destroy the church introduction. The Christian message has made it clear that goal in Christ has entered human history. Those the war that was with garden was gone from the beginning, became flesh and dwelt among us. John 11 14. Short history is meant to strengthen our faith as we really do. How the church. Try Young throughout the century. Why do we need history? We need history to understand the activities of God among men in the past. On behalf of the present generation, it is therefore crucial to story history to understand Jesus and by blackout message. Christianity deals with the revelation of God in the life and the history of his people. The gospel and the Book of Acts beer credence to the fact that Christianity is historical. Look to 25, March 2 to 1. As we read through history, some things are painful to read about, but we must understand that history is the account of bad and good people because the boat from our history, without understanding the past, we cannot understand ourselves because the past still influences us in the present. What we need to know is that in doing history, we make history. So we do history with the hope that we may make history more faithfully than our predecessors.