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thank you for calling Pizza Corp. This is Tony, I said. Will this be for delivery or carry out? I hurried to put my code into the terminal and arrived at the main screen, which gives me those two options delivery and carry out. These are the only two buttons, and the terminal requires one of them to be pressed before an order can be taken. Hey, don't look at me. I didn't design the thing. I waited rather impatiently for an answer, flicking my finger against the terminal keyboard. But the man on the other line muttered along grunt and remained indecisive for a good 45 seconds. This was normal, Yeah, he said after a long, heavy grown. I'd like some chicken wings. Will this be for delivery or carry out? I asked again. Oh, he said, What's the difference? What's the difference? Once where you drive, I said, And ones where we drive? Yeah, he said that one. That one. I'm sorry, sir. I said, Which one? Uh, he said, delivery delivery. I said, Excellent. I clicked the delivery option on the terminal screen, which promptly asked for the customers information, starting with their telephone number. This like the last screen must be completed before the customer actually orders anything. May I have your phone number, please? I asked. Yeah, he said, Give me an order of boneless wings, Definitely. But may I have your phone number, please? I asked Buffalo, he said.