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Hey, did you know that ice makers were found in almost every restaurant and cafe? Did you also know it's very important to keep them clean and sanitary? Without regular sanitation and maintenance, ice makers quickly become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and slime. Hey, if you heard about move money, move money. Billy's journey will take you under the see through the forest into a ninja layer basically all over the place. And everywhere you go has been carefully crafted. Travel can be stressful. You spend hours searching for flights and hotels, trying to find the best price, and you can get easily overwhelmed. Leave it to the last minute paying farm or than expected you get there. But it's hard work and expensive. Or maybe you don't even go it all. All of us belong to different communities, some big and some not so big. They helped make us who we are. They shape how we act, and they teach us how to treat each other to lead with decency and respect. Don't let little things like asking for help become big safety issues. Do it right, do it low safe