The Mission

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on. Then the space before him opened up into a cavern so vast that the other side seemed an infinity. Dark and tremendous. He stayed with the group for a while and then singles and Bunches peeled off and headed in different directions. The fibers were so large that you could maneuver between the strands, but you had to be careful because they were thick with mucus and coated with a gelatinous substance that was adherent. If you touch them or any of the walls would be mortally of fixed, and no amount of coding would protect you from that, he sends the direction and followed it. Others did as well. They glided past scores of corpses, ones in the front who hadn't made it. He wondered what killed them somewhere still twitching. But there were strict orders not to stop for anyone. Continue forward at all costs for a long time. In the inky affluence, they traveled. Some veered away into tangents. But he didn't. He had a vision of where he was headed. I wasn't quite sure why, just that he must go this way