Blind date monologue

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Angie/Blind date Angies describes how her blind date didnt act like other boys

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Poor old Tim. I remember our first date. We'd arranged to go to the pitches. Now, when our boy asks a girl out to the pitches for the first time and he fancies her, usually drags us to one of those sex films. They're everywhere. And when it gets hot on the screen, you can bet his hot little pool casually just by chance, rest on your knee. But kindly and firmly, you remove it and put it back where it belongs. That's if you're a nice girl, then a few minutes later his arm will move around your shoulder and then sink down inch by inch, getting under your armpit, stretching across towards your breast. Now, if you sit well away, his fingertips can only reach the outer fringe as it were and that usually gets them really mad. That's when they start kissing your neck and blowing in your ear. But that's all, by the way, the point I'm trying to make is that Tim was different from the others. He took me to see 101 dalmatians never touched me. I cried. I knew just then that if anything was to happen, it would be down to me just like me to pick a dud.