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This is a sample from an audiobook I have narrated. It's a cute, Christmas-y romantic comedy.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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madam Zoloft gazed into her crystal ball and raised one overly plucked brow. You're going to marry a prince, she said, looking up at me. I frowned. Marry a prince. Same old psychic mumbo jumbo. She thought every girl wanted to hear, darn prince. The only guy I cared about was Colin I don't care about a prince. Did you see anything in there about a guy with gray eyes? Tall, great dresser? I glanced over at my boyfriend, Colin Trevor. He was chatting with our boss near the mistletoe, looking like a billion bucks in his gray Chanel suit and red santa tie. I had picked out for him yesterday. Tonight was our big night. Our lives were about to change. I smiled at the love of my life as he waved his hands about, speaking passionately to our boss. His brown eyes filled with fire, Colin was tall and elegant, with delicate features and an adventurous personality. I, on the other hand, with short, petite and scared of my own shadow, we were nothing alike, but I knew we belonged together. The psychic barely glanced up from her crystal ball. No, not him. I leaned over and peered into her ball. I know he's planning something special, I said. He told me we need to have a serious talk. We all know what that means right before christmas. She dead eyed me. I said. A prince. I leaned in and whispered, Look, this is a christmas party. You're kind of supposed to tell me what I want to hear. So can you look closer or ask your lepre cons or something, please. I put my hands together in prayer. She squinted and consulted the mighty ball. Once again I chewed the inside of my mouth. I admit it was pathetic to want confirmation of my love life from a psychic, but I was desperate at this point. I think Colin said he's distantly related to Prince Charles, Maybe that's what you're seeing. He was born in London madam. Zoloft, looked up at me once again and shook her head. Her old blue eyes sparkled. True prince. I threw my hands up. Oh, come on close enough. I jerked a finger in his direction. He's fully prince. Dreamy. Just look at him over there, talking to our boss and you tell me. We turned in unison to see the love of my life currently being mauled by a hot redhead for marketing under the mistletoe. I inhaled. Well, that's not what I wanted to see. Darn mistletoe.