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This is a demo of my voice within the context of the following: eLearning, Advertisement, Character Acting

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So I got the new Samsung galaxy S 22 I'm like, what the, what these photos are amazing. Then I checked out my internet speeds and I'm like, shut the front door so fast when it's time to look good. Ulta Beauty's beauty box order direct at Ulta beauty dot com. Also available at Sephora. Hello, I am your Macy's personal shopper ai, I am available at the touch of a button. Need that little black dress for this friday. Let's try it on your custom avatar looks great. Don't forget the belt come to Macy's dot com. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that she's coming over. She is like my best friend, we're totally doing a romcom with pepperoni pizza hot pockets. I'm so lucky. The office coffee boy has a crush on me. It's like I won the lottery. If only I did win the texas powerball lottery and then I could leave this job And my new boyfriend, Yeah, the Nintendo switch has a lot of games, but it also lets you turn on your tv voice chat with friends and there's this cool encyclopedia Britannica feature. This will come in handy when I go to college