Was any of it real? Religious Easter Production

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An excerpt from an Easter production intro.

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Jesus's disciples and retired to safe quarters. They locked themselves in their small home, terrified to go out in public. They were criminals now, and to be seen was to be persecuted. Perhaps the news of the resurrection had reached their dwelling place from John or Mary Magdalene. But if it had remaining, disciples couldn't yet mustered the courage to believe. Silence filled the house. Sorrow gave way to doubt, disbelief and despair. Finally, a voice breaks the stillness. He called us as fishers of men, Andrew says, as he looks toward James, was that riel was any of it. Riel. One by one, the disciples relived the last few years. He turned water into wine. He healed demand in the pool of a 40 year sickness. A paralyzed demons cast out leprosy. He gave sight to the blind. He spoke of living water. They told the lame to get up and walk, and we watched them get up and walk. He went through Galilee and healed every sickness. Every disease combed the waves in silence. The wind. He gave us power to evict unclean spirits. He forgave a dull ter raised the widow's son from the dance. He called Lazarus out of the gray. He fed 5000 five loaves and two fishes. He walked on the water and we saw the seas bow before him. Justice Hope began to well up within them. Someone reminds them off the painful truth of their present reality and then way watched him die.