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for our honeymoon. I knew I wanted to be treated like royalty, so I booked us a trip on the Queen Europa. From the moment we boarded this ship, I didn't have to think about a thing except my loved one. A is for awesome. B is for bubbly. See us for caring. If you're into photography and love kids, submit your portfolio. Thio, ABC Photography at Chesterfield Bank We offer a convenient way of doing business. The Chesterfield Bank Rewards card looks like any other credit card, but has one main difference. Every time you use it for groceries or gas, you build up reward points. The more you use it, the bigger the reward. I try to take care of my skin, but no one's perfect and my skin has been paying the price. See, Perfect Foundation turned my skin around all day long. I look flawless while natural amino acids and antioxidants improve the look and feel of my skin. Shoplifting is a crime, and when you get caught, the penalties are severe. If teenagers knew that a five finger discount could turn into a $500 fine for a first defense, maybe they think twice shoplifting is no joke. Talk to your kids before we do. Hi, I'm LaToya Price. Thank you for listening.