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Genuine, caring, mother, testimonial, fun, silly, energetic, smooth, girl next door, humorous, informative, happy, motivational, narrator, newscaster, sophisticated, perky, singer, soft spoken, story teller, sweet, sincere, thoughtful, upbeat, valley girl, warm, strong, uplifting, natural, believable, professional, conversational

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just learning the real reasons behind his failure in school gave me hope. We started one on one brain training and everything did begin to change. Now he's self confident and more independent than ever. I'm so thankful he found learning Rx. You're listening to today's most popular hits on three D chat radio, So you got it. Now you don't like it, you're done with it. You don't need it. You've had too many. It's old and you want a new one. It's taking up space in your living room, or it's just plain ugly. No, I'm not talking about your spouse. It's all that stuff you have. Alaskan outdoors went outdoors. Man must always be prepared. Where we go into town, we go to the prospector. They have the best reindeer in boots. We need Grandin's and extra toughs to keep us dry. In the fishing boat fishing boat, we need Merrill boots and some lightweight, breathable north face jackets for back packing up the glacier, the glacier's last time you holic drowned the drudgery and hot liquid therapy. Hi, this is T. Ramsey joined me Monday through Friday from 11 to 4 Saturday from 4 to 8 and Sunday from 1 to 6 pickups, right, 1 to 6. Like a spy. You could listen in and find out what's going on in Fairbanks, Alaska. T. Ramsey on Wolf 98 Fairbanks Number one Hit Music station. How do you like me now? Dream on.