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He's an environmental attorney who has worked with top ranking government officials. The sportsman environmentalist is now going to teach us how to protect the environment. And you can count on South Dakotans to do what's right when it comes time to make decisions that affect our way of life. A politician's fight. You on the back, shake your hand and tell you anything to get elected. A good judge gives of himself, his experience, his knowledge and his integrity. He voted 100% of the time to protect marriage in the unborn and always stood firm on Second Amendment freedoms. He's van on Go counties, common Sense voice in the state capital. He has the experience and determination to get things done. Let's use that experience and keep Max working for us and Wyoming. And on February 14th Valentine's Day voters in the 22nd will vote for a new senator. In June of 1954 and Amendment was made to add the words under God. Then President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, in this way we're reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future. The Force bill exhibited the empire spectacle of this government the government is the creature of the states making war against the power to which it owes its existence. Changing economic conditions are causing changes in our labor market. If renewable energy sources cannot address our country's immediate short term needs, they say, a place like Harrisburg changes people that most politicians stop listening and forget where they came from. 100 miles north of Los Angeles. On the picture, Ask California Coast Lies the gym of the American Riviera. Santa Barbara Douglas William Jared once said, If you tickle the Earth with Ah ho, she laughs with a harvest. In Nebraska, our farmers and ranchers have been benefiting from the Earth's laughing for years. There are nearly 4000 Children waiting to be adopted in Texas, each hoping to find a family of their own. But there is a group effectively helping young people lead lives without drugs. The foundation for a Drug free, world largest anti drug campaign on earth