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Voice of phone app virtual health asst.

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Good morning, Richard. It's Sarah, your virtual health assistant. Are we still on for a 7 a.m. Run. It sounds great. Sarah, Thanks for the wake up call. Hello, Richard. Are you ready for me to activate your odometer? App for your run, But I'm ready to go. Would you like me to play your usual music selection for your run today? I think I'd like to listen to my workout playlist instead. Okay. I've selected your workout playlist for today's run. Hello, Richard. You've requested that I remind you to weigh in, register your blood glucose reading and take your diabetes medication. All right? I registered my blood glucose and taking my next Were you scheduled? My win reminder for tomorrow at 7 30 Certainly your new way in reminder has been set for tomorrow with 7:30 a.m. Hello, Richard. I've noticed that it's been a year since you've had Dr Anderson. Check your eyes and feet for diabetes related complications. Would you like me to check your calendar and schedule an appointment? I've checked with Dr Anderson's office, and it looks like he has an opening on Tuesday, April 8, at 9 a.m. Would you like me to book the appointment? Hello, Richard. Have assembled an overview of this week. Health statistics, including your blood glucose levels, weight and distance ran. Would you like me to review it with you? Thanks, sir. That'd be great. As you can see, your running much farther and faster than you were four weeks ago. Congratulations on a job. Well done. Also, you've gained enough points to wait the co pay on your medication this month. I appreciate the update. Talk to you soon. Good night, Richard.