The Princess Chronicles: Hollow Realm

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The sample of my narration is taken from a young adult fantasy novella, part of a trilogy. This is book 2 of the collection.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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The Princess chronicles the hollow realm The Orient Novellas Book to written by CM Hanno, narrated by Tanika Richards This is for all you reading warriors, Roland. One lonely tower made of moon stones, the colour of midnight with a circle of molten lava around it holds the prisoners of an evil emperor connected by a single bridge sends a vast marbled castle where free large walls housing a row of centuries ready to strike. The fortress of Mott is guarded by the most ferocious manticore in the realm. Standing at eight ft tall with the head and legs of a bull and a torso of a man, these beasts are not to be trifled with. Each soldier is decorated in the finest armour that covers their entire body, making a fatal blow difficult to find. Each shielded shoulder bears the mark of the emperor, a stone of black at the centre of a pentagram. A smooth, round head graces the shoulders of an evil man. His blackened eyes sit symmetrical. The pale pointed nose, a crooked smile with two rows of blackened teeth and foul breath bellows with each exhale. Dressed in regal black robes with golden, Lacey is the malicious ruler of his hollow realm, Empress and Tana. Within his rule are not only the man tickle soldiers but also the drapery shadow beasts with the ability to take over one soul and mind the wave of a hand. Empress Santana commands these dark creatures to do his bidding. Sitting upon his throne of obsidian, Empress Santana greets his hard leader. Has our honoured guest arrived standing a few feet away, Scholarship the terrible known throughout the realm as the emperor's executioner, with a mane of brown snout of black and horrid red eyes. Kalash, it pompously answers his master. Yes, sire. Kalash, its armour is different in comparison to the unruly army he commands with armour made of dragon scales, he fearlessly leads the armies into combat. Good. Bring him here at once. Colour shite bows in respect and takes his leave through blurred vision. Roland sees a spotted image of the beast standing before him. A gush of freezing water flushes his eyes and face. The clear image of a man beast startles him. He tries to move to fight the creature, but quickly realises his wrist and ankles are bound by iron chains connected to a stone wall. Let me go. You have no right to keep me here. The creature laughs in Roland's face before placing a brown bag over his head. He is then released from his iron chains and is bound with tight rope. The cloth draped over his head, smelled of rotten food. Through the fin Lennon, he gets a small glimpse of a vacant narrow corridor that leads to a spiral in staircase. Every 10 steps, there is a molten candle burning to light their way. Rowlands, bare feet, hurt with the feel of hot stone upon them, pick the prisoner up and carry him from here. A firm voice comes from the right side of him. The rough hair of the beast's head scratches Roland's exposed side, as he has carried over the broad shoulders of a guard.