The Tobin Fox Voices demo.

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This is something I made myself for Voices. You get to hear my regular voice along with a few character examples. Also my audio editing and mixing to boot. For whatever project you have, I can contribute something you need!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Welcome listeners to a nature documentary in Audio four. Set in the middle of Western Canada. Here, hidden in a small town amongst the rolling wheat fields of the prairie lives a peculiar creature called a Tobin fox In the morning, you'll find him working as either a cashier. That will be 6 99. And on alternate days a private music teacher. All right. Is everyone ready to learn how to play the kazoo after his teaching or cash hearing? He retires to his studio, transforming into a musical audio engineer for the evening. Mixing, mastering in composing music and such to his heart's content. In the times when this curious creature isn't in his studio, he can be found doing a variety of things around his home. One of those things is make a variety of voices when no one is around, he pretends he is on the radio while in the shower. Hello listeners, you're listening to 9 80 CJ Emmy. Today's news is the shampoo bottle is running low. So we need to add that to the shopping list. He reads books in funny voices. Oh, fred aled Grant bubbly that I make durations are to me as plural gabble block. It's in midsummer morning on alert would be and more. He apparently even pretends to narrate nature documentaries. Unfortunately, the audio crew were not able to catch that. Now when the moon becomes high in the sky, the Tobin fox returns to his chambers, rests his head down on his pillow yawns and closes his eyes. Maybe one day I will get to voice act for real. He is probably thinking after some time, he finally falls to sleep. Good night, A little token Fox, Sweet dreams.