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elsewhere on the continent. American efforts to commercially penetrate will not be met with nearly the same level of enthusiasm. But that's not the same as saying there won't be notable results. First, there is a reasonable chance that dollar diplomacy will prove moderately successful in India. The truth about India is somewhat less spectacular than the common belief. Whether in India or the United States, India's over population has landed it with one of the most overregulated over bureaucracy sized systems in the world. Property law, with her physical or intellectual is weak. Local infrastructure is weak. Local educational standards are weak. Local government is weak. Electricity reliability is weak. Logistics are weak. Construction standards are weak. Cooperation and coordination among India's national, regional and local governments is weak. Government consistency is weak. It's a long list, and that doesn't even begin to get into the issue of ego. Twinkletoes didn't like this, not one little bit. He zipped back to the workshop to find Santa. What's going on here at the North Pole? He demanded. None of the elves seem happy at all. Nobody's acting normal. That's because you're not happy, Santa told Twinkletoes. You can't hide the truth from me. Twinkle toes I know you're sad and everyone else knows it too. Don't you realize that your the reason we have Christmas cheer here at the North Pole? Twinkletoes mouth fell open me a gasp. But why? I'm too tiny in a week for any meaningful job. All I do is get in the way. I mean, Santa interrupted him. That's why you were said, Oh twinkletoes, You've just got to realize that you have the most important job of all. Your happiness brings good cheer to the workshop. And if you're not happy well, nobody is. Twinkletoes felt flooded with relief and joy. He did have a purpose, after all, A very important one. He began to grin a grin that stretched from ear to point it here. At the moment, he felt happy again. Something else changed too. The sound of excited laughter and chatter could be heard from all over the North Pole. Once again, Twinkletoes had brought Christmas cheer to his fellow elves and he never stopped smiling again. In the first stage we saw how the notion of the cognitive agent as a bundle of representations plays a central role in both present day cognitive ism and in the initial stages of the mindful, open ended examination of experience. In this second stage, the dominant theme shifts to the notion of emergent properties. This key notion has a complex history, which provides the entry point for our presentation. Alternatives to the dominant approach of symbol manipulation and cognitive science were already proposed and widely discussed during the early formative years of cybernetics. At the Macy conferences, for example, extensive discussion occurred concerning the point that in actual brains there seemed to be no rules, no central logical processor. Nor does information appear to be stored in precise addresses. Rather, brains can be seen to operate on the basis of massive interconnections in a distributed form so that the actual connections among ensembles of neurons change as a result of experience. In brief, these ensembles present us with a self organizing capacity that is nowhere to be found in the paradigm for symbol manipulation. When the evil chefs henchman had finished stuffing the young turkey into the vacuum tube, a Siris of three beeps sounded sleep, sleep, sleep and then Tom heard the wash, and the next thing he knew he was being rocketed up the tube. At the other end of the pipe, Tom Turkey got spit out into a small glass cage inside a huge arena filled with people watching from the stands. Across the stadium, Tom noticed another, larger cage into which a human was spat out of a second to when the man stood up, Tom realized it was none other than his arch nemesis, Ah Hunter, named jerky MK jerk face, who had been trying to kill and eat Tom for days. Soon after jerky stood up, Max chops appeared in the center of the arena, where he addressed the crowd welcome, his voice booming from hundreds of loudspeakers. Welcome to a new Thanksgiving tradition called the Starving Game. By projects end. In late 18 71 Kingsbury had removed from the Tesh, among other detritus. 16 Rex three, partially 82 bridge pilings, 21 dangerous snags, 38 overhanging trees, 106 limbs and a raft of 191 sunken large live oak logs. Captain Trinidad gleefully wrote Major, how it is a pleasant duty to acknowledge that the work done under your instructions by Captain Kingsbury is complete in every respect and has restored, once more that important stream by you, Tash to navigation. Congress authorized Mawr improvements to the By You in the river and Harbour, Active March 3rd, 18 79 and in 18 80 18 81. It apportioned $26,000 specifically to improve the Tesh north of ST Martinsville. The water level in that stretch often ran extremely low. As the core observed in 18 80 there has not been sufficient water for navigation in the uppermost Tesh within the memory of the oldest inhabitants, except during the extreme high water of 18 74. Our real work is to obtain information about who we are, not through the gossip of others or the gossip of our own mind, but from deep within, we must dive into the sacred hub repeatedly. We must learn to Rome in that space and make love with its truth. Until Onley that remains. We shouldn't be content to live without finding out who we are. What do we really gain by climbing the highest mountains of achievement? Yaks and mountain goats can also climb. Should we just work blindly carrying heavy loads from one place to another. Mules do that within each of us is a spark of the divine power that created this entire cosmos. This is not whimsy. This is fact. Bhagwan Nietzschean Onda said the essential knowledge must be attained by everyone. What is this essential knowledge for the individual self to know the mystery of the universal self To know the mystery of the universal self is within our reach. If we don't reach for this knowledge, whatever we experience, whatever we do, whatever we achieve, it will all be in a dream from which we must eventually awaken.