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Here is what my voice would sound like as a presenter or in your online ad.

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Young Adult (18-35)


West African, West African (Nigerian), African (General)


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Welcome to Shorts by Ava You're listening to T code While we anticipate the winners of the African Podcast and Voice Awards set to hold on the 25th of September 2022 we invite our nominees to promote denominations Visit of Adult Africa to read the simple guide provided by the team if you do not know how to get started. Important announcement. This is a gentle reminder that all of the nominees are expected to send in the acceptance videos on or before August 15th 2020 to see the link below to submit right away. Here's a quick tip for you. Learn to attract investors and guests as a podcaster by simplifying your process and having a clear podcast structure as a voice of artist. Never underestimate the importance. The voice of a demo or real curating a voice of a demo serves as a calling card or portfolio. It is akin to a curriculum vit I. In the corporate industry, a voice of a demo is important as it helps talent explore various niches in the industry and in return for your good research, practise and consistency, clients will come knocking. So get that voice of a demo ready and be your authentic and original self when you speak the podcast. Sessions recently released a PR by alibi investigations announcing that they will be providing free online training sessions on how to produce an investigative podcast. Go check that out, guys. This week in the Metaverse Findings from Tornadoes Podcast related shares. Insights on checkpoints Africa Podcast as they discuss the shutdown of virtual dollar cards in Kenya by many African fintech companies and fraud charges filed against two Nigerian fintech companies and now to international news, according to Port News dot Net on Saturday, 23rd July, the 2022 British Podcast Awards, powered by Audible, took place in London's Kennington Park, hosted by Ellis James and John Robins. It was grazed by port industry giants like Idris and Sabrina Elba, Pandora Sykes. Jamie Lang. My dad wrote a ***** pop. EJ Johnson Pull. Diana Vikas came Saturday red handed, The Receipt Colony shinier and Dr Rupee, we love to see it. Spotlight of the week. Our spotlight for the week is the voice of a workshop, a first rate Eden Institute for voice of Artist Brandon Voice of a project management and outsourcing. They're committed to pushing brands with the right voice while grooming and showcasing the best of the best in the industry. Find out more about all you've heard in the description below Visit Abbe Verdot Africa. Do not forget to subscribe like and share with your folks toxin.