TOM GUYETTE Maybe you need an engineer with 10 years of experience to confidently deliver your technical content in plain English. Maybe you need a whiz-kid type for your help system, standing over the shoulder of your users and instructing them in a knowledgeable, reassuring voice. Or perhaps you need an enthusiastic Gen-X type to put just the right edge on your product pitch without sounding overblown. If you're a video game producer, you'll want someone who is intimately familiar with the workings of video games who can rattle off multiple different characters, different accents or dialects, and different age ranges. If you're doing animation / cartoon production, you'll need someone with a well-honed sense of comedic timing who can maintain high energy for long sessions and who is a blast to work with. If you need a singer for musical recordings, Tom is a highly trained operatic tenor with many years of experience on the professional, professional, and community stages. Tom Guyette has worked with producers of all media; professional but fun; creative but not 'out there'; well-educated and experienced, with an unblemished well of childish gee-whiz. Demos for character and commercial recordings are up there on the right. Custom auditions are happily provided. Visit (Website hidden) for more info.

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