Commercial Demo 2022

Radio Ad


Variety of voiceover ads:
Baileys, Overstock, FedEx, Realtors, and Fidelity

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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around here, They call me the queen of hot chocolate. Okay. Nobody actually calls me that, but they can't get enough of my bailey's sparkler hot chocolate, nail it, get up to 70% off everything from bedding to bath kitchen to dining, plus free shipping on every order at Overstock. You want it? We got it every morning, we put on the badge every day we take to the sky And every delivery, we bring the world a little closer together. You see here at Fedex, it's not just about the 15 million shipments we deliver each business day, it's about the one we deliver to you. It takes a real estate expert to find the perfect three bedroom in a neighborhood where kids can be, kids run around and grow up just not too fast. Please a place to truly call home. It all starts with a realtor. This is who isn't worried about retirement because his plan is backed by a team of investment professionals at Fidelity with one on one coaching and the freedom to adjust his plan whenever he needs stu is feeling totally mellow. That's the planning effect from Fidelity