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thanks to the Disney Storey rooms at Walt Disney World Resort You Khun Dream, even when you're awake, because thes rooms don't just let you stay and play inside some of your favourite Disney storeys, they let you feel as if you're a character in them, too. Go ahead and start your once upon a time. Today, Martha Stewart love her hater. Either way, you'll finally hear from her. Martha Stewart, in her only interview, speaks exclusively to Barbara Walters tonight on 2020 10 p.m. Nine Central. But I don't want to go among mad people, Alice remarked. Oh, you can't help that, said the cash. We're all mad here. I'm at your mod. How do you know I'm mad? Said Alice. You must be said the cat or you wouldn't have come here. Welcome to the Clarence family. It is our objective to provide you with a warm and exciting environment filled with opportunity and growth. We attribute the success of our company to our commitment excellence on our commitment to people. Thiss presentation will serve as a guide for all general information to assist its employees. The topics we will cover today include employee benefit programme highlights company policies as well as personal policies. Please follow, along with the provided employee handbook