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one word describes Christine's exciting new romance season premiere of The New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS Monday, Phil and Claire Mitchell and Cameron and Jay and Gloria. Cam comes out here with boobs. I'm leaving in one big, straight, ***, multicultural, traditional happy family comedy. Don't worry that nothing day Going on here. ABC is Modern Family. Wednesday's Watch The Disney Channel Original. Siri's Hannah Montana. Wow, that's a little weird every day at 76 Central Onley on Disney Channel. She said that she said the office return Jesus September 25th on NBC. That's what she said. Travel bugs Got Samantha playing with fire and ice in Colorado, sampling scorching treats and drinks with a state. Now we could. Samantha Brown's great Weekends, Colorado All New Saturday attend. You've seen the beauty of planet Earth at the surface. Now go thousands of miles to the center of the court Inside Planet ER on Lee on Discovery, a comedy about life and the bumps along the way. I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when. I don't know kind of girl. I am Ellen Page, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner. This'll Month on Stars experience, a new standard of excellence. Everyone coming on the CBS two news. We're going to do a special report for coverage that earned an Emmy for an unprecedented fourth consecutive You, CBS two news.