Demo -- Blind Referees? Radio Commercial

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From the perspective of an embittered football coach who begins to see the light -- that refs may not be evil hearted, just in need of glasses . . .

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Kevin Tully Demo Commercial football that all American legacy for generations. A legacy of courage, spirit and dedication a perfect legacy marred by a single shameful institution riffs As long as the games been played, these nearsighted, dimwitted black and white buffoons have been bringing us down. They're faulty calls, an erroneous penalties of cost us many of victory, and we're not proud of it. But they're gross Inadequacy has led us to do things, to say things that should not have been said in the public forum. What if the refs aren't is no various is. We have always thought, if they're just normal people like you and me, normal people who need glasses Blank wants to change the game this season, go to blank and nominate a ref who could use a pair of glasses, will send one of our many top brand frames. Nominate him again, and we'll send him another pair just to make sure we drive the message home. Because refs are people just like you and me, people that need awesome, stylish glasses from blank