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during the Beatles first few albums, john Lennon was the unofficial leader of the band. But as the fab four matured bassist paul McCartney assumed a much bigger role. He was a workhorse, The tireless songwriter with an almost supernatural knack for creating hits. Italy's southern region gets all the attention and why not? From the soaring cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to the sun drenched beaches of palermo, Southern Italy is simply stunning, but northern Italy is just as beautiful, with snow capped mountains and some of the world's best wineries, it's nesting season. So for these loggerhead sea turtles, that means it's time to make a move. Over the next three weeks, they'll travel an astounding 1900 miles, their destination a quiet slice of sand along the north Carolina coast. It takes a lot to surprise motorists on the New Jersey Turnpike, but on a summer night in 2001, that's exactly what happened. Just after midnight, the formation of orange and yellow lights appeared over Carteret New Jersey, causing hundreds of drivers to pull over. It was one of the biggest mass sightings in US history.