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Working of Cisco WebEx to conduct online meetings.

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Hi. Thank you for taking your valuable time to attend this session. My name is only Krishnan, and I work as a business. Televen manager at a Pillows in this session will get to know the key features off Cisco WebEx the interface off the school WebEx can be accessed in two ways. One through your web Rosa, which is already installed on your computer and second through the Cisco WebEx ab. Ah, Once we access, the interface will get to know how toe organize and schedule a meeting in Cisco. WebEx will also explore the week virtual meeting room concept, which is essentially a dedicated online meeting room for you. Uh, then we'll understand during a Web session how we can share our screen or a particular ad that is running on our system so that we don't have toe share the entire desktop. And we will also explore the at once reaches like white board Chad controlling participants, ex cetera. Then we'll conclude the session by understanding how to record a session and how seem can be accessed in future. As you can see, we're on the sea School WebEx website on the website. We have two options we can either join a meeting using the meeting. Information are we can log in to walk our account, using our credentials to host meetings. So I log into my account using my credentials now. So the Cisco WebEx Web indifference comes with the essential features, meaning the ad once regions like the white would be ability to make innovations are present only when you used us to school WebEx application. So once you log into your account, you'll be greeted by this dashboard, which has all the information in the boats. Point off you so you can see you have the information about your personal meeting room. You have the information on the ah personal rooms toe, which you have connected in past. The insights on the meetings that you have hosted and the participants who have attended seem the upcoming meetings that you have. Now we'll explore more about this personal meeting room. The personal room is also synonymous, Lee called as the virtual meeting room. It is kind offer dedicated online meeting room for you, so any person who has this link will be able to connect to your personal room any point of time. So now Let's take an example. Very person called John is trying to connect to your personal room. So he has this link, and he has clicked on this link to join to your personal room. So And suppose you haven't started the meeting yet? So John will get a message like this. Thanks for waiting. We will start the meeting when the host joints. It's only when you start the meeting, John will be able to connect to the recession. So now you can see I have multiple options. Like I can start this meeting using this in school WebEx meeting at or I can start this meeting using the browser. So for Ah, this time I will Ah, cancel this and start the meeting using the web browser. So once the meeting initialize is and I start the meeting, John will be able to connect to my session. We'll just wait for the meeting to get connected. Okay, It has connected now, and we'll see the participants. As you can see, John is connected to this session. Now, let us see during a reb session how we can share our screen how we can share a specific application, how we can control the participants and the other creatures. That's a school Rebeck's has to offer. The two buttons that you see here allowed you to control your or new video devices so I can mute mute myself from here against that and stop. My rep came from here using this button I can share my screen. So while sharing your screen, you have few options like you can either sugar and that screen. Or you can share a specific application that is running on your system. When you share your and dad's screen what happiness the participants will be able to see. All the applications that is being accessed are running on your sister at the same time. When you share a specific application with the participants, what happiness they will be able to see only that particular application for the entire session. So for this session, we will share the entire screen. So I have shared my and Tad screen, and John will be able to see all the activities that is taking place on my last stop. Now, even this folder he available to see now okay, Using this button, you can record obsession, so once you click on this button, you have the option toe record a session. So once you start the recording, you can pose or stop the recording as and when appropriate. So once you stop the recording, this recordings will be saved to your online Cisco WebEx account. This button gives you access to the participants list. So all the participants connected to your Web session will be listed here using a normal Cisco WebEx account. You can host meetings for up 200 participants, and all the participants will be listed here. Now we'll see few off the options that we have to interact and control the participants. So using this button, you can have a private chat with the participants. This button allows you to mute are a mute the participants. This gives you more options like you can change the participant to a host. Or you can change a participant with presenter so that he can start presenting the applications from Hiss system. This gives you the option toe move or expelled the participants from the repetition. This button ah gives you the access to chat with all the participants in the meeting. This represents the admin devil creatures and we wouldn't be discussing this in this meeting. This button gives you the ability to end the meeting, are assigned host and live meeting. So that's all about Dusty school. WebEx web in the face for a detailed and personalized demo for you. I request you to contact us on the below details. Thank you.