This demo is about Audiobooks and how books contains informations.

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This demo is about audiobooks and i had made a research about audio books and it would be known as hilow it should be read.

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one day Robin gave Tinker a juicy bone to gnaw. It's good for your teeth, he said. And you've been such a good dog lately. I think you really do deserve a bone, said Tabby the cat. She liked bones too, though she could only scrape them with her rough tongue, she couldn't manage to chew them. Tinker looked at her with the bone in his mouth. He dropped it for a moment and spoke to her. You can me. Oh all day if you like, he said. But you won't get so much as one single sniff at this bone wherever you bury it. I shall find it said Tabby. She was very clever at finding where Tinker buried his bones and he didn't like it. The majority of the female population doesn't engage in sport. Either playing it or watching it. Why is that? The more I thought about it, the more I thought about the contradictions. Most of my female friends don't call themselves sports fans but they get excited about watching Wimbledon or the World Cup or the olympics. They might not exercise regularly but they've probably done a 10 care. Your played badminton or table tennis. They just didn't necessarily like pe or can't remember who won the F. A. Cup and the women who are crazy about sports aren't getting an easy time of it because society casually dubs them unfeminine or rubbish at it or lesser sports fans than men so that as women whether we love sport or loathe it we're constantly being defined as incompatible with it. Alien odd. Other he was everything a girl could want. He didn't drink gamble or woman eyes, he knew how to put up shelves. He didn't even mind that. Poppy couldn't cook staring at her. Now rob said, is this a joke? No, Poppy, You can't just cancel a wedding. Yes, we can. But why would you want to rob? Was no longer smiling. His complexion had turned three shades paler, his dark eyebrows drew together as he tried to make sense of what was going on. This isn't very bloody funny, you know. Come on, tell me what happened. Why don't you want to get married? His body was well muscled, honed to perfection with regular sport and weight training exercises. Poppy could see that every one of those muscles was in a state of rigidly controlled tension. At least he didn't have to worry that he might hit her wife, battering. Wasn't something rob would ever go in for, except Poppy realized belatedly she wasn't going to be his wife. She was the ***** jilting him practically at the alter. He might not be able to resist giving her a quick slap across the face. I said, rob repeated, Stonily. Why don't you want to get married? Look, it's not you, it's me, Poppy rushed to explain. You haven't done anything wrong. This is all my own fault. The thing is it wouldn't be fair to marry you. Not fair to you or me rob. I know I keep saying sorry, but I am You see, I don't love you enough. Someone else. The words came out through gritted teeth, rob's light gray eyes were like ice chips. Is this what you're trying to tell me? You've met someone else? Modern art spanning roughly the period from the 18 sixties to the 19 seventies. And contemporary art generally considered to be art produced by still living artists is not a long running gag being played by a few insiders on a gullible public. True, There are many works being produced today, the majority, even that will not stand the test of time, but similarly, there will be some which have gone totally unnoticed. That will one day be acknowledged as masterpieces. The truth is that the exceptional works of art created today and over the last century represent some of man's greatest achievements in the modern era. Only a fool would denigrate the genius of Pablo, Picasso, paul, Cezanne, Barbara, Hepworth, Vincent van Gogh and Frida, Carlo. You don't need to be musical to know that bar could write a tune or that Sinatra could sing one in my opinion. The best place to start when it comes to appreciating and enjoying modern and contemporary art is not to decide whether it's any good or not, but to understand how it evolved from Leonardo's classicism to today's pickled sharks and unmade beds as with most seemingly Impenetrable subjects art is like a game. All you really need to know is the basic rules and regulations for the once baffling to start making some sense. And while conceptual art tends to be seen as the offside rule of modern art, the one that people can't quite get their head around or explain over a cup of coffee, it is surprisingly simple.