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Chapter 15 Mom claire and tie rushed over to cooper hospital on the way Mom called Sicily who stayed in a cool four story victorian home just a block from ST joe's campus. She'd hop on a bus as soon as one arrived at 54th in city Lane, jerome sat in the bed in the emergency ward and flirted with one of the super cute filipino nurses. As the family hurried in, mom cleared her throat. Mom, he started crying and mom made it worse by smothering him with kisses. The family carefully hugged him not to close. The nurse said they backed off. Mom asked for the story and got it from his point of view. No wait heard my tie, Everybody cried. Now the nurse brought in applesauce. Is there anything else you'd like jerome jerome checked out mom's face that had that. Don't you dare look on it. No, you're very kind. But thank you anyways, it's my job and my pleasure. She swayed out of the room, her long black hair rolled up in a triple bun ty and probably mom knew that this nurse's body and face with the type of woman jerome would marry someday or full with because most of the girls in his magazines were asian or asian Islanders. Later Sicily ran through the door and into his arms. She to kissed him all over his face which turned red. Not from embarrassment, but lipstick. I miss you guys, especially you, you big goof right back at you. Mom received a story. I'm not sure how much longer we can stay at our home. Her eyes and mouth drooped does she whipped her. We have to leave. I just don't know how or when. Let's see what the police have to say. Jerome Iand I think they're from South Campton. Maybe morgen village. This might sound stupid, but I think the big kid felt bad that one of his buddies stuck you with a switchblade. Teixeira said, yeah, I don't think they were a gang or we'd be dead. I don't want any of you to go anywhere past the bridge again without me. I can't stand the thought of losing any of you. Especially my only boy. My only remembrance of your dad understand. I love you all equally. Oh mom, your room reached for his mom who buried her head next to Jerome's and wept no matter his pats on her back. After a while the doctor came in, Jerome's X rays showed no damage to his organs. You young man were incredibly lucky. That kind of knife does serious damage. I'd like to keep him overnight. But mrs Brown, you can take him home if you keep an eye on him if he develops a fever. I want him right back here to stay the night in the best hotel in Canton young man. What are you doing to my nurses? The doctor laughed as he left the next day. Mom took a sick day and kept everybody home except for Sicily who took the high speed line to a bus to campus. Monday morning in the afternoon, two police cars pulled up along with the Corolla, the big boy, his dad and mom and four officers approached the house. They sat and stood around the living room. Go on, tell him, tell him first. The mom said speak up son. His dad said, I'm so sorry Jerome, is it? Jerome nodded. A gang of older boys and men threatened us. We'd have to pay them every month, $50 each or join them. Either way we'd end up in prison. So we decided to form be a gang of eight and maybe earn up to fight them. It was stupid. They have guns. So we decided to try to get some money. He sobbed. We just want to go to college except for one who wants to join the marines. I hope you'll drop the charges against me. What about the boy with the knife? Mom asked, he knows he's in trouble. He's sitting in jail now. He asked me to tell you he worried you were gonna kill me. Self defense. Eight on one. Not counting my sis. And why did you guys say that she was cute because I am Tyisha said no, you guys wasn't playing ball. So I was trying to get you mad Jerome boys. The police officer said keep it civil. I was out of line, Jerome. Mom took Jerome's hand. What do you think? He better return my book. Tyisha blurted, yeah, I returned her book and apologized to Alicia and we're square, Jerome said as for the kid with the blade. He can write me from juvie if he wants forgiveness. I'm sorry Tasha. I meant nothing personal about it. I'm a good boy. Usually I have a girlfriend. She's 16. Oh, I forgot your book. Can I bring it back later? The officer spoke up. I'll return it. One more thing. Stay south of the bridge, Jerome said, I know we will. What will become of the boys? Officer Mom asked the lieutenant answered, we have an outreach program and we applied some pressure that should keep the younger boys out of trouble with the gangs. It isn't easy, but it's our job. The meeting ended at dinner. Nobody talked much. Mom seemed lost in her worries. Tyisha Someday would be a mom worrying about everything big and small. She'd make babies, but only with the right boy after a church wedding. And maybe 28 years after becoming real champion over banana bread dessert. The doorbell rang the officer handed back the book. That boy says someday he'd like to pay you for chess lessons. She didn't much like the idea of giving lessons for money, especially with someone of little means. Perhaps she'd study sociology. An unfair world had gotten a little better after the pandemic, but the patient still ran a fever. I don't know yet officer. After finishing a special assignment for school. She popped open my systems and read about Nim Sovich and his games from the great grandmasters perspective. She marveled at a sparkling ideas. Some of them we're sometimes unsound in practice if applied religiously when appropriately interpreted. So valuable. She got out of bed, traveled down the hall to Jerome's bedroom and kissed him Goodnight. The moon caught the twinkle in his eye. She knew he loved her so much. Back to bed. Soon sleep took her away sweetheart. You handled yourself very well today. I am so proud of Jerome for defending your honor. Tonight I don't want to play chess with you. I want to show you what those boys are going through in her mind trip. She visited some homes somewhat drug problems. The big boys home seemed normal in another. Both his mom and dad were in prison and he lived with his grandparents. Would she survive in this place? Yes because her grandparents would love her too. But considering he stuck jerome with a switchblade, a deadly weapon, something she wouldn't do to anybody. It wouldn't be easy to be in his shoes. But she get a lot of chest done in prison. A week later on friday afternoon the doorbell rang. Mom peeked through just a minute. She unlocked the gun case she bought after daddy died and took the pistol behind her in her belt. Tasha, you stay here, go get claire and play in the backyard mama don't get hurt. He's wearing gang colors. I will listen to what he has to say. If he doesn't leave, I'll call the police. You obey me now. Yes. Mom Tyisha popped up from the couch. She wouldn't obey. She'd just make it look like she would get Claire to head for the backyard instead she snuck over to the door to listen. No way. Because she lose mom too. She peeked out the people to get a good look at the pump. She'd have to quiet her thumping heart if she wanted to hear. I'm spencer marjorie. No disrespect, ma'am. But we could use some charitable contributions to our youth league in return. We'll protect your family from thugs and robbers. Most of Theresa's money is now in an unbreakable trust for a college education. What about the city settlement? She could just picture mom greeting her teeth. I haven't seen a dime yet. Listen, I don't know how long I can hold back some very angry people. How much do you want? Why was mom caving? Not much. Maybe 100 a week. It will feed a lot of people. How about 100 every other week. I'm not into bargaining then it went quiet. Mom must be scared. Okay, I'll give you 100 todavia. Check for your charity or to you. Me is fine. Okay, hold on. She backed into the house which gave Tasha enough time to die behind the couch. Mom ran upstairs, ran back down checkbook and pen in hand and out the door. So what's your name? Young man. Spencer, Davies. What an idiot they said goodbye. Mom backed into the living room *******. She locked the gun away. I know you're behind the couch. Tasha come out. I'm not mad. Mom explained how it was the best way to protect the family and they'd have to move soon. How she talked to the community outreach officer. She freely gave the money, but would also freely discuss the boys staying with the officer. They decide what to do with the punk and his gang. I want you to promise me. You tell no one. Not Sicily. Not jerome. Not claire. No one promised me. I will. I can keep a secret. Mom slumped into the comfy couch, mama. You are fearless. You are my hero. Yeah. Me a teacher. And with a glock is my friend. I love you, Mom. My love for you is all consuming you and all. My Children are my everything. Someday I will give you permission to marry again. They laughed. How about some chocolate milk First, I could tell from mom's distracted look and I fluttering that she was up to something. Are you worrying? I'm not a warrior. I'm a doer. So hang onto your hat. She had no good hats. Just one Phillies. Baseball cap with a touch of mustard on it