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This is a simple introduction to allow you to hear the tone of my voice. While this is conversational. I have a wide range. From narrator to cartoon character.

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Hello. My name is Vince and I've been a public speaker for many years and more recently, a voiceover actor. The path I've taken to get here is unique to say the least. It all started in third grade I went to a very small catholic school. I tested very high in reading. Unfortunately, I was also very talkative in class. My teachers were looking for a way to encourage me and to use my talkative ways more constructively. The entire school would go to mass once every friday. They selected me to do the gospel readings after the sermon. I don't have to tell you what difficult reading the bible can be. The first time I stood in front of the entire school to read. I had thought the term knocking at the knees was just a term. I was never more thankful to have a podium in front of me. I excelled at speech class and debate in high school and college, but my next big chance for public speaking at a large stage was when I began diving at the shedd aquarium. This is as a unique experience as you can have as a public speaker. First thing I learned was that every time I spoke I would sink and every time I didn't hail, I'd rise to the top so I had to figure out a way to remain neutrally buoyant while I spoke to people underwater with my full face mask with microphone and earphone. I had to maintain my buoyancy while giving a speech on their natural history and attempting to hand feed sharks, barracuda stingray and moray eels by hand. This was about as difficult as it sounds, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I truly have a passion for what I do, and it shows in what I do and that's what makes me a valuable asset. If by chance, I know how to fit for this project, I hope you'll click me on favorites and consider me for one in the future. Thanks for listening.