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hi I am vinita. I am 18 year old. I have a voice of an adult. i have a cheerful voice which makes interest to listen me . I am hardworking person and very dedicated towards my jobs. I am very professional towards my job . my voice is energetic.

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one indian girl. To all indian girls, especially the ones who dared to dream and live life on their own dumps by cheatin pocket. Chapter 32 I felt a lump in my throat as a replayed Hong kong in my head. My hand holding the break fast plate trembled, Neil looked at me. My relatives continue to fill the dining room. I drank a glass of photo to buy some time. Can we talk in private? Please kneel the sport. How Neil can't you see, I'm at my wedding. I have room here. Come for a little bit please. How did you get a room? They told us they were full. It's not important, Please. 15 minutes. But how did you get a room? I said. I wanted to scream at the lobby manager. I took the presidential suit. That's all they had. Now you can You come there room 101. Of course. Mr. Partner had to be in the presidential suit. My cousin V shaped gesturing me to come back. I needed to have breakfast with my cousin. See you in 30 minutes. I said, you said you will leave me alone. I said, as he opened the door. I entered his lavish 3000 sq ft president will suit. I sat on one of the so far in the suit living room. He didn't respond. He went to the electric cattle at the corner of the room and filled it with water. The he said, Neil, I don't have time. You said you wouldn't bother me. I cut off for you. Did I ever bother you in London? He said, would you like some green tea? What it is you wanted to tell me? I said, can you relax? News it? How's about? Hey, how have you been Neil? I said, I don't have time for pleasant to you. I am just making conversation. Am I allowed to do that while I make a cup of tea? Sure, I said, we haven't got up in here. How was London? You know, I grew up there. Right. I do. So. How was it? I just keep looking at him. What? I am not here to talk about London. Give me a minute. I need to bring something from the other room. No, did He went into the bedroom. I looked out of the window. The sea was silent behind the devil. Graced class Neil's mention of the London brought brought back many memories of my move there. London one Year ago. The Golden Sash Office in the London is located on 133 Flights Street. The office at the Peterburg Court is at the same side as the old Daily Telegraph E building Patrica. The group security settled me into my new Q public. The british accent in the London office reminded me of a need when you break up, it becomes a happy to remember everything about the man with my second heartbreak. I had learned this much Neil was a habit. A bad habit rather than almost an addiction like smoking when you know it is bad for you, but you can't seem to leave it. I also learned that you don't get better at handling heartbreaks. They suck every single time. Even though this time was marginally better since I had initiated the breakup. A battle the odds. To email him telling him I had reached the new place. Why couldn't he email me? Why couldn't he call? Well, how could he? I had threatened to expose him. I miss his voice. I miss his eyes. I mrs touch. I must all that. He had to me with me in bed. So what if he's married? He loves me. And the love is what I need. Right? See this is how your mind plays games with you. If it wants you to do something it will find 100 reasons to justify it. What's more? The reason will even make sense. I pick up the internal phone on my desk to call Neil the bus on my cellphone disrupted my thoughts. In the past few months my mother had discovered what's up. She had sent me a message checked profile. You won't give up, will you? I wanted to type them back doing it now. I replied. Instead, I opened Shaadi dot com on my profile laptop. The screen displayed happy faces of couples in new political bliss who had found each other on this website. Testimonial spoke of how a couple who meet on the site married within a three month and we're now expecting a child. Was finding love that simple. Why did I find it difficult? Why did have too complicated everything or was there something wrong with me? I logged onto the account. My mother had set up the page open to somebody of my profile. She had used a picture of mine from India gate one I took when I visited Dili last time a shadow fell on my face in the photo My eyes were half closed. She would not have chosen a worse pitcher. I read my profile. Hey, I'm young, slim, quite fair, Punjabi, country girl age 26, tall. I'm currently working in London but flexible to move anywhere with my husband. I am feeling I'm family minded and don't mind saying enjoying family. I reach for my cell phone to call my mother and blast her. I resisted the urge and read on, I can cook north indian cuisine quite well. I have one elder sister who is already married and well settled in the early. My parents have no other liabilities. My father retired from respected position in state Bank of India and my mother is a housewife. We are well off and can do high status wedding. My eyebrows shot up. I read the next section. I am looking for well qualified well suited, suitable match from good panjabi family. Someone who will look after my family and me and respect elders if I interested, please respond with details about you including horoscope or date and time of both regards radica meta seriously mom, Seriously I said out loud, I closed the Chaddy dot com window. I had to call mom and talk or rather shout at her. I couldn't do that in office. I packed my laptop in my to me bag and stood up. I am going to get lunch. I told Patrica and left the office. I went out on freight state found tushie a japanese inspired healthy fast food chain. I ordered vegetables and brown rice, passed to port and sat down to eat folk in one hand and phone and other. I called my dear mother and charge at her. As soon as she answered. Mom, what are you doing? What she said, surprised a log my profile on my laptop screen. I saw the profile liked it. How do you even begin to answer that mom? Are you serious? What is this why I wrote that? Will you get you the best response? Sherman anti next door. Help me. It's horrible mom. Really? Who is this person you have written about? It is not me. What are you saying? It is you 100% isn't your height, five ft forint mom. First of all, the picture is terrible. It's horrible. Mom. Really? Who is this person you have written about? It is not me. What are you saying? It is you 100% isn't you hide five ft point mom. First of all, the picture is terrible. It's what I had sent me a better one. We should have done approved of portfolio. When you come here, I will send you one from here. Send me in indian clothes. Why are you stupid? Are you going to send me a picture in your office soon? Are you applying for a job? It's who I am. Stop it, radica is the picture The only problem. There are million problems. Let me start. What is quite fair. Tell them my real complexion. Say I'm white british or whatever. If you write whitish people think it is dark. You have to write quite fair. Rise it up. Not really. So what if someone writes dark then? If someone says dark, it's like black. You know who's care go type Africans Mom. That's not a good term. No one says *****, whatever. There are mind things. I'll tell you huge things. Say one. You say flexible to move with husband. Who said that? It depends right? Maybe he has to move its decision. Two. I don't mind joint family. Why do we have to put that? Three? My parents have no other liberties. What is that? Oh, I don't miss, we can do high states wedding. That is 45 Why does Panjabi family six? I don't need a guy to look after me. Seven cent horoscope mom. Really? I don't know what to say. I said I had to pause just to breathe. The customer at the next table offered me a glass of water. I mounted him or thanks and took a sip. You have said a lot. Mom said in her upset voice. No respect left for parents. I see I am not just disrespecting you. This whole thing is just wrong, mom. I don't want to be a part of this. I don't think you understand the strategy strategy. Why you don't scar away the good guys? Why would they get scarred if they see a girl who is too independent minded to qualify? Doing too well. They get scared. What nonsense? It's a fact. I didn't make the rules better. Oh and one would think. I said you barely mentioned my job currently working in London. Really? I'm a wise president in Goldman. Such I make half a million dollars a year. Exactly. Now. You see the strategy. Huh? See how we mentioned it also. But hide the achievement jobs. Mom, can you hear yourself? You are hiding your child achievement. I am hiding my daughter's achievements. So we get more voice to choose from. That's all. I am not taking away your achievement. So if I was son obviously we would put your salary first. But now we have to be careful. I smashed my forehead. How do I get thought to her? I wondered if I made the biggest mistake of my life. Maybe Neil was right. I was not meant for all of this nonsense. I missed me. I wanted to call him so bad. Our radio. My mom said yeah I said my heart attack as I thought of me holding me at the night. I am coming there. My mom said well London I'm going to spend some time with you. We will do this together. Yeah. Enough mom. I said she toast another Baran to on my plate. I didn't want a husband. I need my mother with me in London so she could cook me hot goopy. Perata's every saturday morning for breakfast. Why do you stay in julissa? Southall has so many indians better. No, she said have you been in park view outside? See how charming this is. I said, but do you get back and check me in south hall? You get it. Sharma auntie told me you get it here too. I said I tore open the second burrata. Just stay with me forever. I said see even if you miss having a proper room this is even alive. Go to office early. Come back late to an empty house mom. I have one of the most wanted jobs in the world and have one of the most unwanted jobs. But I love it. Taking care of my family, my mother said, and giving me a glass of policy. She kissed me on the forehead. I hugged her. I love you mom. I love you too. Now show me that the response you have made me wait all week. I had modified my profile on the meta moughniyah website. I had removed obnoxious bites like husband to take care of me and no liabilities and added successful career at one of the world most investment banks. I also mentioned I wanted a secure and easy going mom. Fine. I said I opened my laptop and logged in 50 responses. Very good, she said, excitedly opened them, opening mom, be patient. The first query came from a mojito owned er from a business family in Dili. They owned three historian Maureen Mohit managed one of them. No, I said why? My mother said they look well off. I don't want to be with someone who runs family restaurant and what nonsense. Mom. See the qualification be from some random university. No. Next we continue scanning the responses for the next few hours. This one is ugly. I can't walk up. Next man like that. I reached tomorrow to one. Mom came up with one of her wise thing. There is no such thing as an ugly man. Just to get back at her. I rejected some man due to their looks. Other didn't make it because they had jobs in India. They were on a few like ceo. Despite all my feminist learning, I didn't want it to be with someone who made so much less than me. Why does a woman feel a man income is more important than hers? Maybe because it's important to men and very few men are secure enough to just let this issue be. No mom, he lives in Boulder. Nashar Joint family family business. No, no, no. I said as my mom showed me another candidate. I was realizing by now that same sifting through prospered grooms was harder than valuing disgraced assets. You are not doing this properly. My mother said as I rejected a guy because I didn't like his printed have I shot? But I hate that shirt. How could he wear it? I laughed. He's a doctor. We are short listing them. Him, you can choose his clothes after marriage. Mom said We finished at 4:00 PM with the short list of 10 potential grooms to be contacted. Further. I am tired. You want to step out for coffee. I said sure, she said we walked to a pret manager cafe near early coat tube station. My mother held my hand. We have done something together. After a long time, she said, yeah, bonding over shortlisted rooms, I said, and laughed. You wait and see. I will find a prince for you, she said, wow. Yeah.