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In 1991 a Boston professor of geology announced that the Sphinx had bean weathered by water not by wind blown sand, and that it must therefore be thousands of years older, then the oldest civilisation known to man. Subsequent research has shown that it could have been built as early as 10,500 BC by survivors of a great catastrophe that occurred at about the time when, according to Plato, the Lost Civilization of Atlantis was destroyed. The compelling argument of Colin Wilson's best selling book is that thousands of years before ancient Egypt and Greece held sway, there was a great civilization whose ships traveled the world. And whereas we have no way of seeing the universe as a whole, these old ones possessed some knowledge system that offered a unified view of the universe, which was then passed on to descendants who escaped to Egypt and South America. It was this knowledge system alien to modern man that enabled them to move stones. Wing 1000 tons from Atlantis to the Sphinx, set out to reconstruct that ancient knowledge in a fascinating exploration of the remote depths of history. Here is a groundbreaking attempt to understand how these long forgotten peoples thought how they felt and how they communicated on a universal plane