The dragon that breathed fire


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the dragon who couldn't help breathing fire. The tearful dragon decided to go home. He knew he'd never find a friend because he just couldn't stop breathing fire. On the way to his cave, he passed a small cottage. I, um he hears the voice call and a little old woman hurried from the cottage towards him. Don't come to a near he want her kindly. I'm a dragon and I breathe fire. I don't care if you're a monster from outer space, said the old woman, just so long as you help me and she pulled the dragon for the cottage door. My stove has gone out, she explained. I can't cook my dinner. I can light it for you, said the dragon. But you'll have to make me love. A little old woman popped this horseman on her head and danced the very funny dance around the kitchen, but it wasn't funny enough to make the dragon laugh. She can't wheeled across the room singing silly songs on pulling silly phases, but she still couldn't make the drug and laugh. Then she had an idea. She grabbed a feather duster and tickled under the dragon's arm, the dragon roared with laughter. He was very ticklish with the flames that shot from his mouth. The dragon let the old woman store Would you like to stay for dinner? She asked as plenty here for two. That dinner was delicious on both the dragon and the little woman had plenty to talk about. Will you come and shave me again tomorrow? Ask the little old woman. A very happy dragon Climbed into bed that night. I found a friend. He chuckles and has he did so a tiny flame used from the corner of his mouth.