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when it comes to having fun, No one does it better than Joe's. Crab Shack. Come on in and popped the lid off this party with all your favorites, from our paradise bladder to Joe's famous crab combos with the best of C and sure, oh, yeah, now we're grooving, So hurry in, crack it, crush it, love it on Leah Joe's Crab Shack with crystals Craven Save menu. You don't have to go fishing to reel in a great deal because right now, $1.49 land you the all new crystal catch. Swim over and try this deliciously flaky fish sandwich fried up in homestyle hush bumpy batter and topped with tangy tartar sauce. The crystal catch is officially delicious, and for just a dollar 49 you just might get hooked on it. So come to crystal and nibble on your new favorite fish sandwich. The dollar. 49 crystal catch Live a little street tacos air back a taco bueno with more flavor than ever. For a limited time, try the crispy shrimp taco topped with Pecota Guyot and Jalapeno Ranch mix and match three for only five bucks. If it's Taco Bueno, it's Mawr Bueno, a chicken sandwich. Lovers were about to blow your sandwich minds because when it comes to the best chicken sandwich, there's one clear winner, Huey Magoo's at Huey Magoo's We let our tenders do the talking because the tenders are the tastiest and best part of the chicken. Hey, have you ever wondered why they're called tenders? Because they're the tenderloins, and that's the filet mignon of the chicken.