Daddy and his little princess

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Just a little record of a man who supposedly went out to have dinner but couldn't

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Young Adult (18-35)


African (General) British (General)


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Hey, baby. Hey, buddy. I touch you when I to have to know. Wait with her. Yeah, baby. But I decided to come home and have to know what, My little princess? I think I want to spend some little tub with here. Eunice Tin? Yes, That it. Thank you. Love you. Love you too, Princess. You are my princess. Come on. Give that your heart. Who What? What? What is this one? What is this? Well, what is this? Well, my friend, will you respect yourself and greet me properly? I wish this was Africa. I would have spiked you. Children of loudest. They don't even have respect for their elders. Get merging! I o Do you think I like it so I don't really like you. He Honey, please, Please take it easy on her. Please. I don't want anything from one out. A few bad. You know she's my later princess. You know my princess. Mr. Mom, will you just keep quiet here? I'm talking to her and you get You don't like me? You don't love me. That's where you're citing her. Uh uh uh. Don't look like one that, like you, you say you hate me hate toward me. I don't look like someone that likes you. I don't like you. My friend would do. Get off here and get me water to drink. Still be child.