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If there is word that captures the five spots in this Commercial Demo reel, its 'versatile'.

'Union Pacific' - serious, inspirational
'McDonalds' - upbeat, enthusiastic
'Lenscrafters' - bouncy, happy,
'Chevy Silverado' - gruff, weathered, strong
'Infiniti Q50' - cool, sultry, sophisticated, sexy

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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we connect its people and its business. We haul it's goods and carry its progress across 53,000 kilometers of the great Canadian landscape. You'll see our never ending salute to a nation. Mornings are your chance to start fresh and Onley. McDonald's is freshly brewed McCafe coffee, a great tasting signature blend made with 100% arabica beans paired up with scrumptious, freshly made egg McMuffin. And there's just no stopping. Would you like a little happiness? While LensCrafters gives you an unconditional happiness? Guarantee 30 days to where your new glasses and if they don't make you happy, exchange until they dio or your money back. A man and his truck, a broken fence and a lost half, a coming storm, a flash flood warning and the truck to search for as long as it takes, giving you the tech and the confidence to put you in a position of power, otherwise known as the driver's seat. The first and only car with direct adaptive steering Q 50 from Infinity