PowerStars (Ranger Yellow)

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Pilot for an unfinished cartoon named \"PowerStars\" created by Ben Bates. I play the role of Ranger Yellow!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Come on. 83 Slow down, but watch out. Oh, you're too excited. I can't help it. We found five power stores today. That's a new record. It's all thanks to you. Ate three hand. You're scanning system. I don't think I'd ever find enough power stars to save our home planet if something happened to you, so be more careful. Yes, sir. What? Did you remember to lock the door? Of course. I entered the passcode, like always. Hmm. When the keys are covered in goop. How did they know the right sequence? Uh, actually, I think I know. Time to go. 83 Don't forget to lock the door. Coming. What? All right. You know, a strange looking creature. Well, have a good day. We're off to collect power stars. I thought it was a normal wild creature. How was I supposed to know it was a burglar? All we can do is learn from our mistakes. And that goes for both of us. We don't know who we can trust on this new world. Well, let's see what the damage is. No, our storage unit is gone. It stole all our power stars. All our hard work ruined. I'm so sorry, Ranger Yellow. We can't fail our mission. Now. Our home world is counting on us to bring those stars back. That thing that took our stars must be incredibly strong. But how fast could be carrying that storage unit away? Yeah, there's still a chance there it is. Good for nothing. Stop in the name of the law. Laser virus. Useless, huh? Mm. As indicated, protecting itself with the salami film. Well, at least I can stop it in its tracks with my gravity beam. Razor yellow. Are you okay? Stuck. I can't get this stuff off. Yeah, okay. So if beams don't work, I'll have to get close in order to fight it. Give me the orange Power star. Yeah. Mhm. Here we go. Yes, Powerhouse. Get a ranger. Mm hmm. York's slavery skin won't help us take my I regret. Yeah. Oh, gross. Good job, sir. You saved our stars. You saved our clean it. Thanks. 83 but only if we can get them back to our home world. And with creatures like this running around, it won't be easy. Why do you think it was? I don't know, but I think I know where it came from and where it was going. Mm. Mhm. Yeah, Yeah. Mhm. Uh huh. Yeah,