Dejected King, Adult Male



A dejected king promises revenge. Recorded and edited in Adobe Audition on a TZ Stellar X2 mic and Cubase UR22C interface.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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I offered you wealth, property, money, all the simple things of a corporate role and more. I offered you magic secrets, revenge, a place by the river. The lights on the water. At night I invited you to share the dreams of a child to sense the skin of another sex, to hear, all with the ears of a bat, to see with the eyes of a hawk. To smell with the nose of a hound. I could have given you thoughts and an unimaginable, brilliant color or dabbling in the visions of an addict on the edge of death and seeing what he sees as he passes beyond a glimpse of something more. We could have put you on the same eye line as God himself. Ah, for divisions wonders comfort security whatever you desired. But you refused me. So then I offer you this alternative run high child, because I've seen your faces and I can recognize you now, wherever you go. Whatever you do, my men will follow you. Track you by the prints from your fingers, from the sound of your footsteps, and we will find you and I will kill you and show your mangled corpse to my clients and say, these are the dead bones you were afraid of and look how they died. I would do this to your enemies if you name them. I should have your skull as a paperweight on my desk and wish that you still have eyes to see my victory. This is my new offer. This is my promise to you