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What is an Audio Ad Network?

Audio ad networks are centralized properties that brings advertisers together with publishers who have advertising space – in this case air time – available for purchase.

3 Benefits of Online Ad Networks

For advertisers, there are three main benefits to using audio ad networks:

  1. Audio ads have been shown to be more effective than traditional radio advertisements. A study by internet radio platform Pandora found that audio ads supplied into listeners playlists increased information retention.
  2. Audio ad networks may drive business to you right off their platform or internet site, by providing audio advertisers with online placement too.
  3. Audio ads can help supply you with more qualified leads, as audio ad networks allow advertisers to embed their messaging among targeted audiences.

How to Create Effective Audio Ads

Of course, audio ad networks will only be a good medium for those who approach audiences with a well-thought out, well-scripted, and well-cast audio advertisement.

Learn more about creating effective audio ads, including how to write a great script for radio and how to hire the right voice.

And bonus! If you’re audio savvy, you can even record your own audio ad too.

Audio Ad and Radio Script Examples

If you are going to embark on creating your own audio ads, sometimes it helps to get a little inspiration.

Voices has assembled an extensive library of voice over sample scripts, including:

So whether your audio ad is promoting a product, a service, or even an awareness campaign, you’ll have some examples to dig into, to help get the wheels of creativity rolling.

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