An audio ad network is a centralized property that brings together the advertisers with the publishers who have advertising space, or in this case, air time, available for purchase.

What’s the goal of online ad networks?

For advertisers, there are three goals of an online ad network that will benefit marketers:

  1. Increase the qualified leads to you, their creative specialists. Qualified leads are those advertisers who need audio and video ads producers by creative professionals.
  2. Provide an online forum where you can showcase your best work. Your profile includes a Flash player for audio and video demonstrations ranging from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Naturally, your profile will include contact details and an about paragraph where you can more fully describe your business and service offerings.
  3. Drive significant business to you. This will be accomplished by supplying specialists with free traffic to marketplace profiles, then providing a link to Google Checkout where you can accept credit card payments online, directly from their advertisers.

Hiring Service Providers on Ad Networks

Service providers such as videographers, audio producers, script writers and professional voice over talent are collectively known as specialists.

Other Audio Ad Networks

Like any industry, there are a few large players that tend to dominate the landscape.  The same maxim applies to leaders in online audio ads.

Check out TargetSpot for an example of a service provider that helps you create targeted advertising.


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