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5 Ways to Improve Your Voice Acting Auditions

Learn 5 ways to improve your online voice acting auditions from voice talent Mike Tobin. Some of his tips include chunking, editing snaps and more.

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Tips for Voice Actors
Video: How To Submit A Voice Talent Audition

Are you ready to start auditioning? If you were thinking of getting started with this video will show you to see how easy it is.

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Introverts: Does Auditioning Energize or Drain You?

From our research, introverts prefer voice acting because it allows them to work from home in relative seclusion while interacting with others on their own...

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Want To Be More Authentic in a Role? Here’s How!

3 tips on how best to be authentic in a voice acting role: be selective, connect with the character, explore challenging roles. Read more!

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The 1 Thing It Takes To Be The Right Voice

Brandon Faris, Director at LEAPframe, explains what the client looks for in "the right voice" and gives us the perfect formula to help us stand out.

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How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

Guest blogger Tommy Griffiths, a professional voice actor and talent coach, lends some words of wisdom on self-direction for vague scripts.

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Girl thinking whether she should audition or not
How Do You Know if You Should Audition or Not?

Voice actors are constantly bombarded with casting opportunities. How do you discern which auditions are worth your time?

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Voice Actors Who Can Perform Animal Noises

Frank Welker is a voice actor who is well known and excels in his ability to voice over animals and animal sound effects .

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Should You Edit Breaths Out of Your Audition Reads?

The trend is to remove the breaths which begs the question: Is editing breaths out really necessary, and if so, what impact does it have?

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iAudition App Helps You Audition On The Go

Designed by voice over artists for voice over artists, iAudition enables you to cut audio files on the go to send to your agent, casting directors and more!

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Production in Voice Over Auditions: How Complex Does...

For many voice talent, interpreting a script isn’t a problem… it’s wondering what else to include in the recorded audition!

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3 Things You May Not Know About Audition Scripts

When you are auditioning for a job, regardless of its source, there are 3 things you need to be wary of once you send off the MP3.

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