A reel of tape and a cassette sit on a wooden floor
Advice from a Casting Director on Creating a Winning...

As a Casting Director, Brittany Lauda knows 1st impressions are everything. Her advice on creating a winning voice acting demo.

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Should You Slate Voice Over Auditions Online?

What's hotter than the headshot debate in voice acting? Whether or not to slate is big. Hear how modern voice actors treat slating online.

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Pink banner that says LevelUp San Francisco
Voice Over Beginners: LevelUp Your Career in San...

Beginning voice actor? Want to stand out from the crowd? Learn from industry coaches and voice actor mentors. Get info on presenters today!

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Talent showcase
5 Tips For Capitalizing on Talent Showcases For Actors

Going to a talent showcase? Discover 5 ways you can make yourself instantly memorable and approachable to casting pros.

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Man in the studio happy to be a voice actor
What Gets a Voice Actor Cast Online? 4 Considerations

When you hear clients say, “I’ll know it when I hear it?” Most clients engaged in online casting are open to hearing new and fresh talent.

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Does Practice Make Perfect? 4 Steps You’ll Want...

4 tips for practicing your voice over script for an audition: be consistent, be diverse, have fun, and make it count!

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3 Common (Yet Avoidable) Audio Editing Oversights

How much do you care about pristine audio? Find out how to improve your audio editing - because those listening to your audition care about quality!

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is the role right for you
Is the Role Right for You? 6 Ways to Know

6 considerations voice actors should make when deciding to take on a voice acting role. Like "how will this role affect my career?"

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Woman working at computer to increase productivity
5 Ways to Improve Your Voice Acting Auditions

Learn 5 ways to improve your online voice acting auditions from voice talent Mike Tobin. Some of his tips include chunking, editing snaps and more.

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Tips for Voice Actors
Video: How To Submit A Voice Talent Audition Are you ready to start auditioning? If you were thinking of getting started with this video will show...

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Woman at microphone with both hands on headphones
Introverts: Does Auditioning Energize or Drain You?

From our research, introverts prefer voice acting because it allows them to work from home in relative seclusion while interacting with others on their own...

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A woman very happy listening to music
Want To Be More Authentic in a Role? Here’s How!

3 tips on how best to be authentic in a voice acting role: be selective, connect with the character, explore challenging roles. Read more!

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