Scan, Save, Submit: Faster Auditions with Saved Jobs

Have you ever found yourself completing the first few tasks of a mental to-do list, only to forget what you still have left to do? It’s quite the frustrating experience, we know. Funny enough, that’s how we’ve often heard talent describe what it’s like to go through their Jobs List, submit a response or two, only to return to the Jobs List to forget what job they had intended to respond to next. That’s why we are excited to announce our latest feature, Saved Jobs! Oh, and we’ve made a couple of other improvements to give you even more information when responding to jobs. 

Quickly Scan and Save Jobs

When reviewing jobs in Hiring on the Jobs List page, you’ll now see a small grey bookmark icon next to the ‘Reply to Job’ button. When clicked, this button will turn purple, indicating that it’s been added to a new ‘Saved’ tab. This button also appears on the Jobs Detail page at the top right, between the ‘Reply to Job’ button and the ‘Archive Job’ button. Once you’ve saved all the jobs you plan to respond to, you can click the ‘Saved’ tab and find them all there, ready for you to respond to:

If you’ve decided you’re no longer interested in responding to a job you’ve already saved, just click the purple bookmark icon. Once clicked and removed, the bookmark icon will turn grey. 

See Client Working History and Number of Reviews

In addition to the ability to save jobs, we’ve also added some more information to the Jobs List page. Now, in addition to seeing the name of the client who posted the job and their star rating, you’ll also see how many reviews they’ve received, as well as indication to whether or not you’ve worked with them previously:

Updated Tool Tips

Finally, we’ve updated a number of tool tips for the various job-related icons and statuses for both talent and clients:

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions you can review our FAQ articles on Saving Jobs, and Job Icons and Statuses. Or, you can contact a member of our Customer Support Team any time via our support page.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got any feedback regarding this or any other feature on Voices, please send it to [email protected] 

That’s it for this week’s updates. We hope they not only work harder, but smarter too. Happy auditioning!

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  • Avatar for Miles Makepeace
    Miles Makepeace
    September 30, 2020, 3:57 pm

    Well it makes it hard for new talent to get their foot in the door here, because alot of companies dont seem to hire the people that are new and dont have hired history or reviews yet, it doesn’t always matter how good your audition or read is sometimes because they think only experience or good ratings will give them what they want even if they actually might get a better experience with someone new they just have to take a chance. I get thumbs up and put in carts alot but I think when they see Im new without a history here maybe they go with a more experienced choice. Of course not always Im just saying because I’ve made money doing voice over work before and this site is awesome and the service to, but new people seemed to be overlooked. I do love the service though and I am happy with my membership it’s just a concern.

    • Avatar for Kajal Bodhijani
      Kajal Bodhijani
      September 30, 2020, 11:35 pm

      Hi Miles, I’m a new comer and i want to make career in this field. I’ve also created a profile on Voices platform and have uploaded a read on it but still my profile is just showing 85% complete as I don’t have any earning experience. Would you please guide me that how to start with this and how to make money with this.

  • Avatar for Jyotica Sarkar Malik
    Jyotica Sarkar Malik
    October 1, 2020, 5:58 am

    Some of the recent updates are too good. I also wish if you could have the winning audition published against the job. I think it helps talents in future auditions.

    Thank you