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Here’s What Readers are Saying About Our 2022...

Here's what readers are saying about the emerging trends we identified and predictions we made in our 2022 Trends Report.

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Product Placement in Video Games

Discover how product placement in video games can benefit both advertisers and game developers with these classic and cutting-edge examples.

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Microlearning: Training in Small Bites Has a Big Impact

Microlearning is training delivered in short bursts. Discover how it boosts learner retention and why it's taken the learning world by storm.

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Industry Research
The 2020 Trends Report is Here!

Make 2020 your most successful year yet. Learn about media trends impacting your industry, including advertising, marketing and voice over.

Accessible Tourism: Making Travel Available to All

Accessible tourism is an ongoing measure to ensure that tourist destinations and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their disabilities or...

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Industry Research
2019 Trends Report: What’s Coming for Voice Actors and Creatives

Prepare for success with these 2019 trends in voice over and marketing, assembled from Voices survey and data. Get ahead of the curve!

Audiobook boom
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Audiobook Boom: Why Publish Audiobooks?

The audiobook boom means that as an audiobook publisher, you can rest assured that the demand for audiobooks is on the rise.

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Report: The Future Looks Golden for Senior Voice Over

Middle-aged and senior voice over is becoming more popular. Learn why demand is shifting, and what it's like to be a mature voice actor.

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Voice Over Casting Trends Show the Future is Female

What will the future of the voice over industry look like? In short - female! Learn about the changes in demand in the voice over marketplace.

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Creative Inspiration
Top 10 Most In-Demand Famous Voices

Learn about the top famous voices, the celebrity voice actors, and which vocal qualities are popular.

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