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Falsetto: How It Works

Despite the somewhat negative-sounding name, falsetto voice is still very useful and is used by lots of pop singers in the upper register.

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How Voice Actors Can Control Their Voice

Guest blogger Blake Sanders a technical writer who understands the industry shares essential information for voice control.

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The 4 Most Common Mistakes Beginner Singers Make

Here are the four most common mistakes singers make, and what you can do to correct them. They're common for a reason!

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7 Vocal Warm Ups That Work Wonders

Looking for vocal warm ups that work wonders for your voice? We walk through 7 key vocal warm ups for singers and voice actors.

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Considerations Before Hiring a Session Singer

Whether its for backup vocals or tagline singing, or anything else—there are 4 key considerations to make before hiring session singers.

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Vocal Health
Smooth Fruits That Soothe the Throat

Before you reach for lozenges, throat elixirs or a quick fix from the drug store, why not try consuming some fresh fruit?

Pharyngeal Voice : Description and Application to Pop...

Dr. Sims suggested that voice actors, by virtue of their wide array of vocal projects and versatility, are likely using the pharyngeal voice.

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Vocal Health
How Are You Making that Sound? How to Increase Vocal Control

Increasing vocal control with visualization is a limited view. See how your voice literally changes with this video by Tyley Ross.

Hollywood's New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks, and Voice?
Industry Updates
Hollywood’s New Triple Threat? Acting, Looks,...

Traditionally, people known as Triple Threats have been performers who can sing, dance and act, but what if there is a new Triple Threat on the horizon?

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Tips from a Voice Coach on Protecting Vocal Health

As a voice actor you need to protect your voice. Vocal coach, Susan Berkley, shares vocal health tips to keep your voice at its best.

Voice Types : Which Fach are You?

Learn how to discern what your voice type is and also discover many different vocal classifications, all based on the German Fach System

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Tips for Living the La La Land #ActorsLife

Has auditioning changed much over the years? If you enjoyed Singing in the Rain, you'll love La La Land and this modern take on auditioning.

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