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How AI is Impacting Translation for Voice Over

We caught up with Richard Carroll to understand how AI is impacting translation services and were the world of translation is headed.

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Translating Your Corporate Training

Translating your training into multiple languages is the ideal way to address the needs of your learners and expand into a global market.

Looking For a Translator? Why You Should Hire a...

Converting your content into your audience’s mother tongue is important. Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a freelance translator.

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How Netflix Became the World's First International Movie Studio

With a global content strategy, you can reach audiences all around the world. Explore how Netflix leaned into its local-language content.

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Translation, Localization, and the Global Accent

Your global ad campaign ought to weigh the benefits of telling your story via translation, localization, or with a global accent.

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Choosing a Voice Over for Spanish-English Bilingual Audiences

Nielsen Data suggests that businesses are taking a specific approach to the spokespeople they choose when they’re aiming to appeal to bilingual audiences.

A photo showing stamps from different cities and countries on a piece of paper.
Knowing When to Incorporate Accents into Advertising

The results from these studies about accents in advertising will help you decide when to use accents.

The Art of Subtitling & Dubbing for International Markets
Subtitling and Dubbing for International Markets

A look at how subtitling & dubbing are used across the world by clients who want to distribute their messages on an international scale.

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Will Machine Translation Ever Beat Human Translation?

Even though machines translate more quickly, and less expensively, there are still benefits to human translation such as the understanding of humor.

Why Are There So Many Languages?

Join me in a conversation about how our languages came to be and why it pays to speak more than one language.

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