An African American woman with a yellow shirt smiles as she talks with a white male colleague on her computer.
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How to Share Screen on FaceTime (For Live Sessions)

Since it's such an important feature for voice actors, how do you screen share on FaceTime? We will show you how in this article.

African american man recording video acting audition.
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The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts For Self Taping...

We got the best do's and don'ts from voice actors, who have had experience with recording self tapes for on camera auditions.

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How to Nail a Self-Tape in an On-Camera Audition

This piece will give you insight into what skills are needed during self tapes for on camera roles and show you the skills you already have.

A child voice actor, a little girl around 4 years old sits in front of a microphone with headphones on
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How to Get Your Child Into Voice Acting in 2022

Does your child possess natural voice acting talent? Here's what to consider in order to get your child into voice acting in 2022.

Woody and Buzz from Toy Story look towards the reader.
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Top 10 Dramatic Monologues For Men

We have included the 10 best dramatic monologues for men. Let’s see what makes them great and what you can bring to your performance.

A white woman with brunette hair and classes holds her hand against her headphones as she speaks into a microphone.
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10 Dramatic Monologues for Women

Remember, not every monologue fits every part, and you should choose one that fits your style. Here are ten dramatic monologues for women!

A reel of tape and a cassette sit on a wooden floor
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Advice from a Casting Director on Creating a Winning...

As a Casting Director, Brittany Lauda knows 1st impressions are everything. Her advice on creating a winning voice acting demo.

Actor reading script waking on the street.
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How Voice Actors Can Nail Their Next Script

When evaluating a script, I teach my students to do the following 4-step process. Avoid picking up a script and just reading it.

A female singer stands in the background. In the foreground is a microphone with a red pop filter in front of it.
Voice Over
The Art of the Audition: How to Make the Most of Your...

Auditioning for voice over jobs can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Follow these audition tips to make the process less daunting.

How to Pick the Perfect Monologue for Auditions

Whether you’re a seasoned voice over artist or new to the voice acting experience, it will benefit you to expand your monologue repertoire.

Man Doing Voice Over Work at a Computer
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How to Find Voice Over Work Online in 2022

Your definitive guide to finding voice over work online. Learn what to look for in a job posting, how to submit winning auditions, and more.

smart phone and tablet sitting on dark wood desk with voice over script and Voices job on their screens respectively
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7 Apps Voice Actors Use to Mark Up Scripts

7 reliable mark up apps that voice actors can use to mark up their digital voice over scripts with performance cues.

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