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CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience for Talent

This past August, we shared that Voices had acquired, a platform that connects producers with talent agencies in the US and Canada.

Today, we are excited to announce that, as of February 1, 2018, Voices and will be united under one brand, Voices. Additionally, as of January 4, 2018, producers will be able to access agency represented, union talent on Voices.

Now, Voices, the largest global online marketplace for voice actors and audio products, is also the first-ever, full-integrated platform that has the power to offer producers access to both unionized SAG-AFTRA members and acclaimed freelance voice over actors.

Why Unite Voices and Under One Brand?

The decision to integrate into one platform was driven by the conversations we held with customers and stakeholders from both businesses after the acquisition of Through this dialogue, the customer’s voice was clear.

Specifically, customers wanted:

  • More opportunity for voice actors: Both professional freelancers and talent agencies representing union talent wanted more access and exposure to clients who were looking for your specific skill set.
  • One single destination for producers to source all their voice over needs: According to producers who were looking to hire either professional freelance voice over actors, or those who were unionized, they wanted a ‘one-stop-shop,’ that had the flexibility to provide exactly what they needed, on a project-by project basis.

Based on the above, the solution was clear: and Voices needed to come together, as bringing together the best of both companies within one platform benefits producers, talent agents and voice actors alike.

For voice actors, the single brand means that, more than ever, a higher volume of clients are going to be sourcing voice over actors from the platform that you are a part of. This means more exposure, and more access to a diverse range of global talent.

What this Means for Professional Freelance Voice Over Actors

Professional freelance voice over actors of all Voices membership levels will continue to receive the same opportunities and benefits that we have always offered – only now, you will benefit from a greater number of clients who are sourcing their voice over needs from Voices.

Since 2005, Voices has been the number one place to source freelance voice over actors. In just the past year alone, the number of talent-hiring customers has grown by close to 45% percent.

Now that Voices can offer producers a single source for all their voice over needs, it means an additional group of clients who are sourcing for both union and professional freelancers. In other words, there’s more opportunity than ever before.

We’re incredibly excited about what this means for our voice over community, who deserve every opportunity to showcase their talent for top clients and to access diverse work around the world.

Note: If you’d like to review how Voices works, you can check out my previous post: An Open Letter on How Voice Talent Work with Voices.

Answers to Additional Questions You May Have (FAQ)

We understand that you may have additional questions, so we’ve assembled some FAQs for you to review:

  • Why is Voices now offering Union jobs?
  • What is Voices’s position regarding union vs non-union jobs?
  • How do/can I audition for a Union job?
  • Will SurePay Escrow be charged on Union jobs?

What this Means for Talent Agency-Represented and/or Union Voice Over Actors

If you’re a unionized voice over actor and/or a voice over actor who is represented by a talent agency that holds an account with, please continue to direct questions regarding your career and work opportunities to your agent, just as you always have.

We’re committed to communicating any impact to talent agencies and talent agents, and have assembled articles and FAQs just for them so that their unique questions may be answered.

Talent agents and agencies can find more information through these other resources:

Note: As of February 1, 2018, all visitors will be automatically redirected to Voices for all of their voice over needs. We are also communicating directly with customers with more details about this transition and to answer any questions they may have about the transition to one site.

If You’d Like More Information

If you have questions about this announcement, please connect with our Customer Service team by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 1-888-359-3472.

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