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Introducing Project Marketplace: A Letter from our CEO

Nearly 20 years ago, we launched Voices with a simple goal of helping aspiring voice over talent get work and providing clients with access to talented voice actors. Now, a community of millions of people from more than 160 countries call this website home — at least when it comes to showcasing their voice.

Over the years, we’ve innovated with new features and new ways for clients to hire. Some of our ideas have worked better than others, while at other times, a good idea that was tried once before has returned in a new and exciting way.  

For example, we once had the novel idea to launch an ecommerce-like store that allowed talent to list services available for hire, at preset prices. Since then, many freelance marketplaces make such an offering – a way to get hired that’s practically become ubiquitous.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching Project Marketplace, a new way for talent to earn and for clients, a new way to buy.

What is Project Marketplace?

The Project Marketplace on Voices is an ecommerce store for business people to browse and buy projects listed by voice actors, audio producers, musicians and translators. Projects are predefined packages of work at set prices with guaranteed delivery times making it even faster and easier to get creative work done by professionals. 

Project Marketplace Offers Clear Benefits

For clients:

  • Eliminate uncertainty by hiring instantly at predetermined timelines and upfront pricing.
  • Pay only for what you need by selecting projects for every budget. 
  • Buying a project eliminates the back and forth process involved in fielding responses.

For talent:

  • Project Marketplace provides another great way to earn money on Voices. 
  • Land jobs with reduced effort by posting your project once and having clients come to you over and over. 
  • Customize your project listings and scope for complete control over your work and what you charge.

As you can see, Project Marketplace is a new way to hire, at predetermined prices and timelines.

You might be wondering if the current way of posting a job to hire talent is going away. Absolutely not. After hundreds of thousands of successful jobs, it’s proven to be an efficient way for clients to say what they need and audition a variety of talent by receiving a short sample recording, a brief proposal and their quote. Project Marketplace will complement our Talent Marketplace. Said plainly, both paths will exist because they help clients discover talent in two different ways, meeting the needs of those who want to receive auditions from a number of talent as well as those who have an urgent need and simply want to search, select and pay a talent to get the work done quickly and professionally.

Accelerating The Hiring Process

Project Marketplace aims to accelerate the hiring process by eliminating the back and forth. 

Classically, our Talent Marketplace required the client to initially post a job and we’d invite the most suitable talent based upon the needs outlined in the job posting. Then, once talent replied, the client would listen to responses, compare quotes and pick the best talent for the job.

Now, with Project Marketplace, clients can simply browse and buy. Browse from a catalog of hundreds of project listings, customize orders with add ons and buy instantly. Clients will be excited to return to buy even more projects from different talent, with new project listings being added all the time.

Knowing Exactly What You’ll Get with Project Listings

Each project listing includes:

  • Project overview
  • Audio samples
  • Guaranteed delivery time 
  • Upfront pricing
  • Other attributes that define the scope of work such as the inclusion of proofreading, background music or audio editing

And, for many, talent have created variations of the projects called packages, tiered as good, better and best — what we call Essential, Enhanced and Elite.

Plus, each project includes a number of features such a high quality audio recording, a commercial license and a broadcast license when needed.  

For even more flexibility, extra features can be purchased as add-ons, which are ways for clients to get exactly what they are looking for with their order.  

Why Freelance Talent Should Create Projects

Still wondering why you should create a project?

  • Create the project once and have clients come to you
  • Create projects for the things you love to do and sell what you do best
  • Control the scope of work
  • Customize packages within your projects to allow for pricing flexibility

If you’re a Premium member and you haven’t created a project yet, today is the day.

You can get started here, watch and follow along with the video, or read all the details in our project creation guide.

Why Clients Buy Projects

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to hire a professional voice actor, audio editor, musician or translator, you can find talented freelancers who have conveniently packaged up their services at pre-set prices for you.

Project Marketplace is the culmination of years of work and it’s my hope you’ll find this new way to hire, and new way to earn, one of our best innovations yet.

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  • Avatar for Saliu Usman
    Saliu Usman
    August 26, 2022, 10:36 am

    where can I starting my project, how can I go about its,

    • Avatar for Tara Parachuk
      Tara Parachuk
      September 8, 2022, 10:05 am

      Hi Saliu,
      This blog post will be a great help in how to get started.
      Happy Auditioning!

  • Avatar for javeria sultana
    javeria sultana
    September 28, 2022, 1:57 am

    where can I starting my project, how can I go about its

    • Avatar for Tara Parachuk
      Tara Parachuk
      October 7, 2022, 11:07 am

      Hi Javeria! A great place to start is by creating your profile. Happy Auditioning!