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New Voices Leaderboard

The Top 100 is now the Voices Leaderboard! It’s a great place for clients to discover their next favourite freelancer and an excellent place for talent to find inspiration—and maybe even a little motivation!

A new Leaderboard to showcase talent in all our creative services

From the main navigation drop-down menu, you’ll now be able to toggle between Voice Over and our new creative services: Audio Production, Music, and Translation.

Discover the best and the latest up-and-coming talent to make your next project a success

On each service’s main page, you’ll see four subsections: Favorites, Most Reviews, Recently Hired, and New Talent. By default, this main page view will show you this month’s top 10 talent in each subsection. Click ‘View Top 50’ to see even more incredible freelancers in the service and subsection of your choosing. 

One click to see more from talent you like

Select a talent’s name to go to their profile, where you can check out their entire creative portfolio. Like what they have to offer? Invite them to your next job by selecting the blue ‘Invite to Job’ button or favourite their work by clicking on the heart icon. (Read more about adding talent to Favorite Lists here.)

Find inspiration from your peers

Nobody is like you, and that’s your superpower. But sometimes, it’s nice to see what other freelancers are up to for a bit of inspiration. Favorites and Most Reviews are also great places to go if you’re newer to the industry and want to see what the pros are doing. Of course, you don’t want to copy them; however, it can be an excellent way to see how it’s done and add your spin to showcase what you bring to each job.

When are the results updated?

Results are updated every day.

Find more information about how the Leaderboard works through our FAQs

FAQs for clients. FAQs for talent.

Finally, click here to check out the Voices Leaderboard for yourself!

As always, reach out if you need anything at [email protected].

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  • Avatar for Chris
    March 24, 2022, 1:38 am

    What happened to this? I have had a number of clients that booked me bc they found me from this leader board!