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How does the Voices Leaderboard work?
How are talent added to the Leaderboard lists?

Most Reviews
Recently Hired
New Talent

When are the results updated?

How does the Voices Leaderboard work?

The Voices Leaderboard is designed to showcase the best and latest up-and-coming talent on Voices. Use the Leaderboard to find new talent and as a source of inspiration for your next project.

On the main page of the Voices Leaderboard, you’ll see a dropdown menu that allows you to flip through all of our creative services. Within each service there are four subcategories: Favorites, Most Reviews, Recently Hired, and New Talent. The main page displays the top ten talent in each service and subcategory. 

Click ‘View Top 50’ to see more results for that service/subcategory. Both the Most Listens and the Favorites lists can be further sorted by All Time, This Week, and This Month.

Click here ​​​​​​​ to visit the Leaderboard.

How are talent added to the Leaderboard lists?

Each subcategory has different criteria that determine which talents appear on a given list. Here is a breakdown of each list:  


The talent whose demos and portfolio samples are Favorited most often by clients appear on this list. 

Add talent to your Favourite Lists by:

  • Clicking ‘Save to Favorites’  from a response they submitted to your job.
  • Selecting the heart icon on a demo or portfolio sample from a talent’s profile. 
  • Selecting the heart icon on a demo or portfolio sample from search results. 

Quick Tip: Create Favorite Lists to easily send job invites to talent you’ve previously liked.

Most Reviews  

After a client and talent complete a job on Voices they are invited to leave a review for one another. Talent with the most number of reviews appear on this list.

Recently Hired  

The Recently Hired list showcases the top talent who have completed a job through the Voices SurePayTM system. Talent appear on this list when they accept the Job Agreement.

New Talent

This list features new members of Voices, i.e. those who have recently purchased a Premium membership. 

When are the results updated?

Once per day, at midnight ET.


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