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Navigating Voices – How to Make the Most of Your Experience

Note: If you have a Voices guest profile, some of these tips may not apply to you, as some features are only available to paying members. If you’re interested in upgrading your Voices profile, it’s simple and easy!

Set Up Email Notifications

If you haven’t explored your account settings yet, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed by emails. To make sure that you only receive emails that are relevant to you, you can adjust your settings to filter out jobs. For instance, you can ensure that you only get an email notification when a job is posted that meets a certain budget threshold.

Email Notifications (what's this) I'd like to receive job posting notifications for box with check mark - VoiceMatch trademark invitations with budgets over (field filled in) $100.00 box with check mark - Private invitations with budgets over (field filled in) $100.00 Edit Original button Replace button

Get Up to Speed on What the Different Voices Job Statuses Mean

Ever look at a job status and wonder what it means? You can audition as long the job status shows that it’s “Open.” It’s not until the job status changes to “Working” that it’s too late to be chosen as the voice actor for that particular job.

Use Filters, and Not Just the Pop Kind!

You can look through open jobs using filters like budget range, VoiceMatch score, deadline, and more! This can save you time auditioning for jobs that aren’t what you want.

Be Strategic With The Voice Over Demos You Add

If your first instinct regarding demos is to add them all, try to resist unless you have a clear purpose behind this strategy. Since a demo description is a great place to pop in a few keywords (e.g. words that describe your style: like friendly or authoritative) to help you get found, it’s a good idea to have niche demos. Make sure to include them with great tags for any accents, roles, or styles on your demo. This will help you stand out to clients. Additionally, the way that you tag your demo is yet another opportunity to reinforce your personal brand.  For instance, if you believe that your voice is personable and approachable, then make sure to tag it with these qualities.  

Reply to Auditions Like a Pro with a Strong Audition Proposal

Correctly writing a proposal for your audition will help make you stand out. Not only do clients hire you for your voice, they also want a professional with certain skills/qualities. A good proposal should greet the client (with their name, if possible), thank them for the opportunity to audition, and provide a basic introduction of yourself, your experience, and the services you can provide.  

If the client has a sample script, make sure to read that as your audition (but not more than 30 seconds!). This helps them determine if you’re the best fit for the gig. The easier you make this process for them, the better.

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

If you’re newer to voice-over you may sometimes feel the need to come in low on a ranged quote (bidding $250 on a project with a range of $250 to $500, for example). Even seasoned pros can feel this pressure, but don’t give in to it! We’ve found that talent who come in right around the middle of the range or slightly higher actually get hired more often.

More Tips on Setting Up Your Voices Profile, from Top Talent

If you’re going to learn from someone, it should be from the best, and Voices has an amazing range of top talent. Over time, these highly sought-after voice actors have revealed ways that they use the site to book work. Here are some of their techniques:

Wait! Don’t Delete Your Voices Auditions Yet

Sometimes, voice actors delete their auditions before anyone has been selected for the job. When you delete your audition before the job is marked ‘completed,’ you’re taking yourself out of the running. Instead, leave it in your Answered folder until the job is marked completed (not closed). Later, you can go back to tidy up your list.

Use Stats on Your Voices Profile to Your Advantage

We try and give you insight into your work via the site. You can see everything from how many favorites you get, which demos have the most listens, to which auditions have been liked! Taking this information into account can help you figure out where you need to improve. Check out your stats here.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Creative industries are pretty competitive. If you need inspiration for your profile, or next demo, or just want to see what the top talent in your genre is doing differently – visit their profiles! Go check out the Top 100 to get started.

Use these Tips and Tricks for Voice Actors to Help You Further Your Career

These tips will provide you with some helpful insight in your voice acting journey. Remember to know your worth, understand how the site works for you, add in niche demos, and keep making the most of your membership with Voices.  If you’re looking to make full use of these tips, upgrade your Voices account today

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