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Despite the hundreds of thousands of individuals working in the voice over industry, information on the size of the global market is notoriously hard to pin down.

Reports that are currently available tend to be focused on only one facet or segment of the market, such as the media and entertainment industry. However, voice over work can actually be divided into 12 unique categories (e.g. including education, business, advertising and more).

It was clear that comprehensive research was needed, not only to understand the present state of the industry – but to look towards the future, too.

Now, an independent research study, the Report on the Global Voice Over Market, commissioned by Voices.com, offers an extensive and comprehensive look at the voice over industry around the world.

What the Report on the Global Voice Over Market Revealed

While the full report uncovered many useful and surprising insights (tip: you can download it on our website), at a glance, it may pique your interest to discover:

  • The monetary value of the global voice over market is $4.4 billion dollars.
  • North America has the most activity and growth in voice over work in the world.
  • Radio accounts for only 0.7% of total jobs available in the voice over field.
  • The entertainment industry accounted for 58% of the voice over work completed globally.
  • Globally, animation (specifically, videos less than 20 minutes) represents slightly more than half of the total work done.

Why Voices.com Commissioned Research into the Global Voice Over Market

As the leader in audio and voice over products and services, Voices.com had a natural interest in commissioning this research.

“Until now, no one else has been able to do a high-level look at such a fragmented and international market before – it’s content that is difficult to pin down,” says Voices.com Co-Founder and CEO, David Ciccarelli. “By releasing quantitative insights on the industry, we’re able to demonstrate the size and scope of this constantly evolving market.”

“In addition to wanting to know to satisfy our own curiosity, we found the industry was turning to us to answer this question, and we wanted to provide that answer,” David continues. “As a leader in this space, we were uniquely positioned to be able to do so. We always sensed it was larger, much larger in fact, than some realized, and we’re glad to be able to now quantify what that really looks like on a global scale.”

What Do You Find Surprising About the Size of the Global Voice Over Market?

What do you think about the opportunities that this report uncovered, in regards to the size and growth of the voice over industry?

Share your thoughts and insights below.

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For over a decade, Tanya has been helping organizations and individuals alike tell their stories. A graduate of Western University, Tanya holds a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations. As an experienced marketing and communications professional, she has helped individuals, start-ups, and multinational corporations craft and amplify meaningful communications across the arts, culture, entertainment, health, wellness, and technology industries.


  1. Hello Tanya:
    This is an interesting time in my life. I have experience as a professional singer, actor and a recording studio artist. I have done a few voice-over jobs. However, I have always wanted to get deeper involved as a voice-over specialist, doing voice-overs for a myriad of occasions. However, I never connected with the right people and I was always lead to believe it would be too difficult to get started or to afford the equipment needs and requirements of this type of work.
    If you have any insight on what I can do to get started in this industry I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi George,
      Thank you for reading the blog! I’ve forwarded your comment over to our Talent Team who will be reaching out shortly to help answer your questions about getting started.
      Wishing you all the best & much success.
      – Tanya

  2. Hi Tanya,
    The statistics of the global voice over market are informative and interesting. I’m in grad school for marketing and would like to ask you a couple of questions that could help me with my voice over marketing research project. Thank you! -Keaver


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