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Voice Over Pros: LevelUp Your Career in NYC

On May 20, 2017, Voices’s LevelUp event is coming to Brooklyn!

Join your fellow voice over professionals in New York City for this intensive one-day event, featuring expert speakers, industry coaches and thought leaders. You will be led on a journey to discover new ways to hone your craft, improve your business, maximize your workflow and continue to auditions.

And just to make sure that every voice actor at any level in their career can benefit, the event is divided into two tracks: Beginner and Pro.

Here is a description of who will be delivering their expert insights to Voice Over Pros

Bobbi Owens

Session: Book More Work with Voices

Bobbi Owens

About: Bobbi Owens is a New York City-based commercial voice over artist and actress. As a voice over actor, Bobbi’s work can be heard on TV and radio, the web, and various documentaries, animations, independent films and more, both in the U.S. and abroad. As an actress, Bobbi’s credits include many stage and independent feature films, and she’s been seen in commercials, promos and industrials.

In addition, Bobbi also works in TV and video production, and freelances as a studio camera operator.

Session Description: In this session you’ll get the inside scoop from Voices’s Director of Talent Sales, Jennifer Smith and special guest, Bobbi Owens. You’ll learn profile editing tips and tricks that will help get you invited to the right jobs for you. In addition, you’ll find out about audition dos and don’ts so that you don’t fall victim to common pitfalls, and learn what happens behind the scenes at Voices.

Additional Content: Check out a blog post on the Voices blog that references Bobbi.

David Kaplan

Being Prepared for Greatness – A Peek Behind the Curtain

David KaplanAbout: When it comes to using the web as a tool to grown his career, David Kaplan is a voice actor who “works the Internet like nobody’s business.” His brand, Voice On The Run, appropriately describes his talent and the technology he has developed to serve clients like Domino’s Pizza, Deep Impact Boats, and Samson.

Prior to becoming a full-time voice actor, David studied broadcasting at Long Island University, and was a technical director for Sports Channel.

Session Description: Do you know how to be ready to work for a client at the drop of a hat? From auditions to bookings, learn how to make and keep your clients happy…and to be prepared for greatness. In this session, David Kaplan teaches insider tips that will change your career forever. With over 1000 five star reviews from happy clients on Voices, David shows you the way to success with his secrets. Be prepared for an honest look behind the curtain.

Additional Content: Listen to David on Voices’s Voice Over Experts Podcast where he talks about ‘Auditioning as if You’ve Already Booked the Job.’

Panel – How to Get Booked for a Commercial from a Client’s Perspective

Are you ready to take your voice acting career to the next level? Get ready to maximize your career performance as the panel walks you through their tips to getting hired, from the perspective of active clients who regularly hire voice talent. Creative professionals will share their combined personal experiences to give you a better understanding of how and why clients hire certain talent, and will help you take your career to the next level. Packed with experience and opinions specific to the trade, this panel will prepare you to have the voice over career that you’ve always wanted.

– Kyle Craner, Ketchum

– Todd Wiseman, Hayden 5

– Megan Anttila, Casual Films

– Charlie Marks, Mustache Agency

– Jim Kennelly (Moderator), Lotas Productions

Bryant Falk

Prepping Your Audio for Broadcast: You are Your Own Mixer!

Bryant FalkAbout: Bryant Falk has been a voice over professional, as well as an on-camera commercial and corporate producer-director for over 20 years. Bryant has worked with such clients as the NBA, MTV, Foot Locker, Bloomberg, Walmart, and AMC.

Session Description: These days, voice over talent need to prep their audio for broadcast in different types of media. Creating a punchy, strong recording will allow your read to stand out in the right way, even when it’s dropped into a video edit and sent to output.

Get up to speed on how to prep your audio for your projects, as Bryant (who also owns Abacus Entertainment) walks you through plugins and equipment, as well as acoustic treatment and creating continuity of sound between locations.

Additional Content: Listen to these sections of the panel discussion:

Brett Olsen

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Career

Brett OlsenAbout: Brett Olsen is an actor and voice artist who has been in the industry for the past 7 years. Recording from his home studio, in a small city called Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada, Brett often flies out for onscreen work. Some of his top clients include YouTube, Google, A&W, and Budweiser.

Session Description:  Have you ever noticed that the harder you work, the fewer results you get? In this session, you’ll learn how to turn that trend around, with an inspiring, TedTalk-style presentation from Brett Olsen. Every voice artist has a unique sound that fits perfectly for certain clients in the industry – allow Brett’s story to help you find yours. Brett will share his voiceover journey from the ground up, uncovering how nearly giving up on his voiceover career led him to his big break and working for one of the largest companies on the planet. He will also discuss how that series of events shaped his voice and career into what it is today.

Additional Content:
Read Brett’s Success Story

Listen to Brett on the Voices Vox Talk Podcast “NAB, Apple VoiceOver for iOS Wins Helen Keller Award, Brett Olsen’s Climb to #1 on the Top 100 Favorites List.”

Excited yet?

These expert speakers are just the start! Join us at LevelUp and enjoy panel presentations and exclusive networking opportunities with other voice actors and the clients that hire them.

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